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    Gamplay + coin system

    I agree with the economic system, but like this it doesnt work, if it wants to stay it needs to get adjusted! Some kind of loser bonus, but dunno how to implement.
  2. hazard37

    strat mode needed

    As a competitive team its essential to have a strat mode or some kind of no clip... i think thats the next thing the team should work on and release it asap! just a simple strat mode like in csgo or cod4
  3. hazard37

    Gamplay + coin system

    I think it would be better for the competitive scene to quit the coin system. It is pretty unbalanced in my opinion. As a CyberGamer and ex cod4 promod player, my team and me are thinking you get too much of a adventage if you win the first rounds straight. Would be much better if you have a system like in promod: 2x Heavy max, 2x SMG max, 1x Sniper max, 1x Rifle max. 1x Pumpgun max. No coin system, just fair gameplay from round to round, only skill based!
  4. hazard37


    In my opinion the smokes should be more consistent, like in cod4. Would be a really nice change for the competitive scene.
  5. hazard37

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I disagree 90% of what you said... as an ex cod4 pro mod player the game should never be slower! its perfectly balanced there! i agree with the damage on the heavies on long ranges