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  1. Revolt

    Need help: Want to make COD2 Maps

    I've got limited experience with UE4, I was hoping there would be a 3rd party tool like there was Radiant for COD games.
  2. Revolt

    Levelling Up

    I noticed something similar. Played one game, got like 200 XP Next match, those 200 XP were counted again, or in other words - weren't attributed the first time around. Maybe that's just how the developers design it? Attribute everything altogether after every session?
  3. Revolt

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    800 DPI and currently testing out @1.9 sens. Probably gonna tone that down a bit more
  4. I'm an old COD2 geek and really want to get into modding/mapping for Battalion 1944 like I used to in COD2 days. Is anyone here interested in seeing a variation of a COD2 map in Battalion 1944? Perhaps a Toujane, or a Dawnville? In any case, I would like to have someone point me in the right direction. What do you use to map in Battalion 1944? COD2 has a simple "Radiant Tool" that was basically an all-in-one tool for mapping, and it was great. How do you go about this in Battalion 1944? Any advice appreciated!
  5. Hi everyone. Just wanted to post a quick introduction and say that I'm excited to see this game moving forward and see it become at least a mid-sized competitive esport in 2019. I've been looking forward to this kind of game ever since I stopped playing COD2 competitively. Moved on to other games such as CS:GO in the meantime, but all those were mere distractions of course! I'm also looking forward to seeing what's Bulkhead Interactive's view on releasing any developer tools to the community, in terms of modding, more closely - letting us create maps for the game! Back in COD2 days we had the Radiant Tool which allowed us to basically create new maps with all the ingame textures and what not. It was a lot of fun and I really hope to see something similar in Battalion 1944. Would love to take a shot at creating a competitive S&D-based map for this game as well. Perhaps something based off of COD2 or a similar title!! That's it for my introduction, I'll start looking around now... Cheers