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  1. We dont reserve resources for processes. But I double checked just in case something went weird. While in the area to check it got me thinking. So usually with new UE4 games, like DAys of war, we get issues with slots not showing up in the panel. This is usually due to the game not being completed. We had the same problem with bat44, but we chalked it up to that and ignored it for the time being. But after I checked the query area for limits I decided to turn off the slot checker. Essentially this checker will turn off the server if the slots are increased. In our case no slots were registering in side the panels query area , so everything seemed more than it should be, possibly? Anyways, disabled it. Servers been running for about 15-20mins. 4x longer than before, so i'll say as of now it may be fixed. Never had this issue before even with early release, so wouldn't think to disable that. Hopefully this info will help someone out later! Server is running on proper slots in game though. Just to clarify.
  2. We've been using trying to get tcadmin to work with Batt44 for the last few days, each time we are able to get it to work for about 5mins before it crashes. IF we launch it without tcadmin it will work for several hours. we've changed a few things, double and triple checked settings. We're running w2k8, there is oodles of free memory and the 12 cores are barely being used. Tcadmin works with several other games. The file attached is the dump filerino. UE4CC-Windows-223ABE114F8C432FF61D2B9C1D709A3A_0000.zip