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  1. Kreator

    Season 2 Lv 50 Skin

    Just move to another game. Couse this lame game is at poinnt of no return.
  2. Kreator

    Update on progress please

    What to say huh? They got me on hype as i loved cod2 cod4.Amateur dev team that sucks game isnt as promised.Be sure that their careers are over for good and thats what satisfies me as no one would hire them or buy their products ever again.They developed so bad rep inactive on their own forums announncing console franchise while they couldnt even finish pc one.Thank you for taking our money and abandoning us it was a Pleasure i hope u devs are reading this couse your game is totail fail and a disgrace.I was so hyped and believed at the game and u guys killed it.I would advise u also to find other jobs this is not for you. Also u devs should know how much did it Hurt us casual players for treating us like complete garbage. Your extremely unprofesionall behaviour make me a smarter man and gives me reminder to think twice before buying any game in the future.yet u were the first who completeley dissapointed me and i am old school fart 28yrs old who purchased 200+games. I hope u guys Will enjoy the money u took from us as u gave us nothing in return. Your game? Only one explanation i can relate to it is this one. U order burger and u get burger without a meat thats what u did to us. Sry for being this much rude but thats what i really think.And to fellow players thats feel same as me good luck and i hope well see each other in some other game some time soon,Until than bye.
  3. Kreator

    A solution to grow the playerbase

    Lol you are so wrong this game have much more than 2 problems It have reached the point of no return with 60 players average playing it. People dont want to play the game for multiple reasons And that include the dev team and the game itself This game will ot ever recover end of story.
  4. Kreator

    Battalion has Crashed error

    Devs abandoned this forum long time ago i have the same issue as u do.They do not respond to you couse they do not have solution for your problem. I would suggest u deleting the game as rest of us did. This game gonna fail it is already at point of no return. Would suggest u to spend ur b44 playing time in search for a new game as this one sucks so the rest of the dev team.
  5. Kreator

    How do I get a refund?

    well i think that devs have announced console version in 2019 but i wouldnt put any hopes in it since the game looks dead.Wich is shame had potential As for the refund dunno try to write to devs.
  6. I am not hater as i told u i liked the game and i have supported it with fair amount of money.Some of their choices are just stupid what did they get in return with insonmia 10 k lan? Absolutely nothing player base declined. Would like if they have spend that money in advertising or fixing the game. i hope thst new update will raise the player base. But i dont understand why did they left the forum.If someone were criticisying me i would take it and tried to make things better and learn from mistakes. i mean cmon 68 players at average i doubt that even will new update playerbase will raise siginifically. I hope that i am wrong because i liked the idea of the game.But it is unplayable now cant find match at all even when i do find it it is 2v2 or less.
  7. Cant take this company serious anymore. I feel like i was tricked into buying this game and did not recieve product as promised... Whatewer that devs are trying to do it is to late for that now. Seems like they are so arrogant , blind and irresponsible I have that feelingn that they abandoned this forum because they can not take criticsm at all instead they are posting to reddit to their pets and wannabe b44 pros. I am not mad beacuse i payed for the game and it turned out to be a total disaster i am mad couse the game had potential and got completely ruined. Yet there is this also My team organised lan tournamennt here in Karlovac Croatia 32+ teams from whole Europe showed interest and signed up to participate. 1st place:4000€ + trophy and medals 2nd place:2000€ + medals 3rd place :1000€ + medals Food hotels and motels are cheap here in Croatia like 10-15 euros per night. Also having some great night out in local pubs is also cheap beer is like 2 euros. We had everythinng sposnsors good gaming pcs lots of space tournament was supposed to be at big shopping center. Interested team had 45+ days to pay to participate none of them have payed and we have canceled the tournament. cant blame interested teams who would play game on lan that was barely playable from home on pc due to many crashes and bugs. this was not just one case there were many other Eu tournaments that got canceled. Yet devs were not tracking that issue how could they after all when they have abanoned their own forum hahaha. Yet they have announced major lan tournament The Insomnia62 in UK England one of the most expensive countries in the world with a prize pool of 10k. Who would participate in it when there is no any official B44 team ranking? This game is going to die i mean it already is thanks devs Poor buisnees choices got it where they are today. i am not hater of this game or devs at all i supported it from the very beggining of the game even have spend 50 euros on loot boxes to help the devs because i liked the idea back than but this now is just killing it. Console annoucment said it all...
  8. Well with game being realesed on consoles it looks to me that devs are focusing on cosnoles from now on ,since the game is preety much dead on pc. Gj trying to transfer the PC game that was imagined to be combined from cod1 cod2 and cod4 in to completely new pc game.Now while u guys fcked up pc franchise trying to revive it on consoles? Imagine if this suceeds on consoles rofl like we need kids with joisticks trying to do 360 quicscopes and upload it on youtube.from a game that have bring us so much hype and hope and got us all back together in the old days of pc playing,reading that it will get console franchise gets me triggered. u guys could barely keep up with pc version of the game and have lost almost all the player base the ones that are left are 70 hardcore players that will quit eventually when there will be no one else to play against. and game is still fcked up on many levels.How in the 7 worlds u guys are going to work on pc and console version? while u could barely do anything with pc version. Im out of here for good...
  9. Yep 80 players peek last month.The game is dead as fck.
  10. Kreator

    Battalion 1944 future.

    Battalion 1944 doesnt have a future lol 100 players playing average GJ dev team i do not even consider to install the game again.
  11. Kreator

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    Game is not as promised allot of bugs + i spennd more that 100+ hours playing it and gave it a chance and fair amount of time. So i would suggest u to accept reallity game is dead from 16k up to 150 players average cant recover accept it bro...