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  1. TantGreta

    3rd party server management

    No I guess we'll have to wait to get that kind of functionality, what I'm currently interested in is to be able to use the Admin commands and hopefully get response by them. Like votes for next map could be such function if it's possible to get chat outputs. Or to go as simple as possible, just let the 3rd party admin tool announce a message to inform players that the server will be restarted at a certain point by usage of the admin command Server.Announce.
  2. TantGreta

    3rd party server management

    I've set up my own for the purpose to hopefully develop what i'm searching for. The server control panel that is provided by game hosting sites controls settings, and isn't a compliment for admins as a rcon tool is. Just as simple as xlrStats for the rcon tool B3, to give an example.
  3. Is it possible to send commands to the server somehow? I know the rcon functionality isn't implemented but if the 3rd party would to use a steam api to sign in to an account or elseware, be able to communicate with the server by the admin commands?