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  1. .. but I'm pretty keen on this one! I played Day of Defeat since the mod was first released and still occasionally enjoy the 1-2 remaining servers that are active in Australia. Favourite weapon so far is the Garand, it feels so fast and fluid, I find it hard to get the clip 'DING' sound out of my head... I've been taking a break from PUBG and Battalion has been hitting the spot this past week. This year I started playing around with gameplay videos on YouTube and I'm keen to start recording content on Battalion. Check out my channel if you're interested :3 ... mostly have just been sharing PUBG videos for my mates but I've enjoying recording/editing more and more. (happy to trade subscribes to anyone that's planning to upload Battalion vids. Post here and let me know!)
  2. Varza

    Sprinting needs to be removed

    I think there's room for an accuracy penalty on jumping but I'm OK with the sprinting as it is personally. The simplest solution I think would be to remove targeting when jumping or falling to prone. That way you can still shoot but you lose a lot of accuracy.
  3. Varza

    Soviet Union

    I'd buy DLC for Soviet Union in a heartbeat. That said, I hope they don't resort to DLC for factions (or maps) because it would create fractured paywalls... Fingers crossed they can make enough money on sales, steam market and lootboxes to justify it.
  4. Varza

    Rifleman balancing

    I'm actually loving the Garand and I've been using the Gewehr on the German side as a poorer substitute because I like it so much. It shoots as fast as you can click and it's completely accurate. I haven't done any maths but on initial impressions I feel like its time-to-kill on fluid firing is equal/faster than the auto weapons while also being more forgiving than the Kar in an engagement. I think the Kar just needs to be a bit less forgiving if you hit limbs. I'm picking up Garand kills pre-firing a peaking rifleman/sniper and landing shots before they've even fully unpeaked (effectively suppression fire) which Kar riflemen can't do at all.
  5. Varza

    Active players decreased by 50%

    I almost stopped playing immediately but gave the game a few more tries and especially after the patch, I'm really into it now. I've several steam friends who were all big Day of Defeat fans and I think will be keen to jump into it. It's important to remember that this game isn't a 'new thing' the way PUBG was... The game needs to be seen as fluid and reliable and as long as it is I think it'll continue to grow players. Unfortunately on launch there's little justification for people to play it when its essentially and 'old-style' game that wasn't working well - it's whole appeal is pretty much a double-edged sword. I think they should continue with development and time a major patch to a steam sale to convince players to purchase / give it another try once everything is working fine. I wouldn't bother with much else promo until then since they risk putting players offside before things are refined further. Something better left to a gameplay thread, but I think they need to tone down the jumpshots slightly with a small accuracy penalty to at least make it un-viable at long ranges and ease some frustrations.