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  1. nastybob7

    NA east coast. nastybob7 on steam

    still looking for a squad
  2. nastybob7

    Looking for team

    if you are looking for a team lmk i dont have one lol but im trying to find one myself maybe we can team!!
  3. nastybob7

    bRENNN ^_^

    im not a team but im also looking for a team if you are down to play lmk.
  4. nastybob7

    Private match/ lobbies? For jump prac

    oh wow thanks yea im dumb didnt even think of that. awesome!!
  5. Will i be able to hop into a private match like CS has just load up a map and have various commands, and practice jumps spots? or will i have to rent a server? i assume one day private lobbies will be in the game, but is that coming out any time soon or probably not? My main reason is i really want to just practice jumps on the various maps. i try and prac while in matches but im bad and miss 100 times then get shot lol. thanks for reading and i hope to hear a response. Loving the game and im also looking for a competitive team if anyone is interested.
  6. Love dedicated communities like this!!! Will you guys be having an actual competitive team? or just mainly casual players?
  7. i have competed in multiple fps games. i love to try hard but love having fun more. im excited for the future of this game and would love to start being apart of the community from the ground level and watch the game evolve!! I can play almost everyday at just about any time. thanks for a read and i hope to see some responses!!
  8. hey man ill play brother im east coast will that be a problem?
  9. hey man ive played on both CS and CoD teams. ill totally run some games if you are still looking for players. ill add y0u