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    Game's Dead guys..

    Way too early to say an EARLY ACCESS game is dead. With updates and especially competitive I fully believe the community will pick up.
  2. MessyMatt

    PC Specs

    Share your PC specs! Maybe I just didn't properly utilize the search function but I could not find anything already related to this so I decided to make one. If I missed it and one has been made then by all means delete this post and I apologize. Anyway let us begin! Here is a quick format you can edit to fit yours. Processor: Memory: GPU: Storage: PSU: MOBO: Processor: Intel I5-7400 Memory: Dell OEM 8GB DDR4 GPU: EVGA GTX 1060 Super clocked 6GB Storage: 2x 1TB Samsung Evo 850 PSU: OEM 400Watt MOBO: OEM Dell As you can tell mine started out as a pre-built, more cost effective at that time, but I am slowly rebuilding and turning it in to my own!
  3. MessyMatt

    Hello Everyone!

    Maybe...It just started crashing repeatedly.
  4. MessyMatt

    Hello Everyone!

    My name is Matthew, also known as messymatt on most games! I am a 19 year old from the United States but I might as well be Canadian with how close I live to the border. My favorite video game at the time is Fortnite both StW and BR. As a kid though I played tons of Cod 2 so I am excited to get started in this game. I recently heard about the game while watching DrDisrespect livestream, watched a couple videos and bought it right away.