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  1. I'm no longer sure what's wrong with this game. I was hardcore cod 1/2/4 player but no longer think it's fun and the same attitude has my friends that also played this type of game. The new generation of players apparently does not like this game type either. So who are going to play other than the e-sports players who have helped develop the game. I have a hard time seeing this, so maybe someone have an idea. BF players will be going for BF ww2 and I would guess a lot of the cod ww2 players are going to do the same, and why are the cod ww2 players not playing B44. Will it be a choice between csgo and B44?
  2. Agree. It has gradually gotten a reputation as "jumpfest" or "jumpsimulator. it's EA and much can change, but unfortunately a reputation is very hard to change.
  3. I respect your opinion and it was just a suggestions. You're probably right, but it does not change the fact that the game does not attract players. Although last fix changed some issues, the player base don't increase and I think the primary reason is the game play. It's too much different than most want. Most seem to be annoyed over 24/7 jump / prone hardcore and choose to leave the game instead of learning it. There are many alternative games and many to come in 2018 so people do not have to learn, but can choose something else. This game is right now for the few dedicated and it may be ok if the player base is not important. 1K -2K can have a good game, that they have wanted for the last 10 years.
  4. There has been a lot of discussion about this in this forum, so nobody is afraid of devs or others. There are only different opinions. I agree that it does not feel like cod2, cod4. The game is built on cod2 promod. I have never played cod2 promod only cod4 promod, so I dont if there's a difference, but it don't feel like cod4 promod. And promod vs normal mode is also a question for discussion. You either love it or hate it. So far it seems that the current movements don't apply to most players who have tried the game.
  5. It seems that many have trouble getting the game to run just like before the patch. And others can now play. Weird.
  6. Never liked promod, but it was ok in the past when we played against other teams since the base game was not intended for this purpose. I could also live with the jumping if was turn down a little and the TTK was like BF og Cod ww2. In other games it's about having a good and steady aim to get a fast kill. Getting a HS or having a high accuracy with any weapon. The low TTK, the laser guns, and the one shoot kill with rifles in B44 means this is not necessary, just spray and pray and you or your opponent are guaranteed an easy kill. You don't get any time to take cover and start shooting back. Higher TTK, more sway and recoil would give a more dynamic game with longer and more fun duels 1x1. Right now it's all about pressing 3 keys on your keyboard and shoot. Then there's the arcade with broken spawn, bad maps for DOM and CTF and no reward for PTFO making all games like TDM.
  7. SirBob

    Strafe jump poll

    lol, They have turned it into a circus of jumping artists. We should not have uniforms, but beautiful suits with many colors and glitters. Maybe we should get points for the most beautiful and well executed jump. Combined with the low TTK this game is really "Interesting". I had really hoped for something a little different after this patch, but no
  8. SirBob

    Battlefield V back to WWII

    I hope a new graphics card can do it. I have an I7, 3820, 16gb ram, 240 GB SSD og 2 TGB harddisk, but only a GTX780TI graphics card
  9. I have played all BF since BF1942 and have 1200 Hours in BF1, so i know what you mean, but I had some fun playing Cod ww2 to get a break from BF. I was hoping for the same with B44, but it seems not to be right now.
  10. Sorry to hear. Strange there can be such a big difference. I got stable 125 FPS, no lag or rubber banding and movements were fluid. Unfortunately, the game type is still my problem. There are no real duels, just jump-bang-dead. Its not that bad. War mode is really fun.
  11. Only played one 1/2 map 8x8 TDM and left (16 kills - 11 deaths ). The movements seems much better so thumps up here, but I can't feel any change about the TTK. I still don't even have to aim. Just shoot and people die so fast at any distance including my self. I still feel like playing with laser guns compared to BF. And everybody is still jumping 6 feet up in to the air. Every time I jump I almost look down on people. Sorry, still a long way to get casuals to play this game In my opinion.
  12. SirBob

    Strafe jump poll

    Same here and you never know what's going to happen if player base don't increase. And the mechanics is one of the reasons why people are not playing. I don't think this poll is very wrong. From my base of old cod players I hear no one who wants to play this style again.
  13. Same her. fingers crossed
  14. From steam, That's funny
  15. SirBob

    Strafe jump poll

    Yep, we are getting closer. GJ by the devs. Looking forward to try the game after patch.