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  1. Game's Dead guys..

    Never mind, I had to make some hard decisions at work today and was probably frustrated for another reason. Sorry.
  2. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    I'm a nice guy, gave you 1+
  3. Game's Dead guys..

    They lost me when I read this. A game with so many bugs and now this? Money monkeys are what we are and I do know that's it's external hostet, but at least casual players now know where to sit. Today we are happy to announce the first official Battalion 1944 LAN event as part of the UK Masters at Insomnia62 1st place: £5000 2nd place: £2500 3rd place: £1750 4th place: £750
  4. Game's Dead guys..

    Same here.
  5. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    It is. B44 is made for competition and E sport, so they must continue in this direction and not water it down for the masses or someone like me, but a solution could be to make an "arcade_2" with a more normal gameplay, maybe like cod1 or UO. Cod4 was build on vanilla and the pro's got promod, so it's not impossible.
  6. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    That is absolut true, but then you have player's like me who actually have played this kind of game for thousands of hours and find it less fun to play again. Not because it hard, but it just don't seems right anymore. I do like it, but probably more from a nostalgic point of view and because I am a big fan of WW2, why i also play cod www2.
  7. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    Agree, a poll like this is of course not statistically corrective or necessarily representative, but shows that it is an important issue about this game. B44 will surely survive whatsoever, the question is only to what extent. Will it be successful as an online game for the masses or only for those who want to compete. I can not figure it out, only time will show.
  8. Player Base

    Exactly why I wonder where the player base will come from. Cod4 promod was not very popular and without knowing and I do not think CSGO is similar to this game.
  9. Player Base

    Thx for the reply, so there's still hope Does CSGO have strafe jumping, jumpshooting?
  10. Player Base

    Where will the player base come from? I'm just curious because I do not have experience with many different types of games. I come from 10 years with Battlefield, but started as a cod player until Cod4 and are now playing Cod WW2. I have never played CSgo, PUBG or rainbow six. I can not imagine BF players switch and it also sounds like CSgo players are not so excited. So who is the target in addition to those who played cod2 / 4 promod.
  11. Game's Dead guys..

    I fully agree, otherwise i wouldn't be here. They have a year to get right, but they could be running out of time considering the number of players and all the bad reviews on steam. Right now a solution must be found that can change the attitude towards this game otherwise it will be uphill in the future.
  12. Idea to expand the playerbase

    I don't think this will happen. These guys mean to have found the Holy Grail 10 years ago and the only response you will get is "git gud". However, I would say it can be fun if you spend time learning it, but it will get boring quickly if you only want's to play solo. This game is ment to be played by teams and it looks promising in this aspect.
  13. Game's Dead guys..

    I'm 51 and have played Cod1/UO/2/4 and although I've spent a lot of time in the past learning this kind of game, it's just not funny anymore. So I do agree with your point of view about "old fashion mechanics". It is old and it is kind of boring. With the low TTK it's easy to play and even an inexperienced player can easily kill you. The mechanics are easily learned and from there on it's just jumping and shooting. But like any other game, it's hard to master if you want to play 5x5 wartide in a team. Here the good players will really appear, but it's more because of experience. I play it because it's new and need a break from the other games I'm playing. What makes this game different is that there are opportunities for teams that have not been seen before and it might be fun, but you may have to be in a team an on TS i order to get the full out of this game. As a online Pub game it needs something else. In my opinion this game is made by Cod promod fans and is going to be played by Cod promod fans.
  14. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    Can't feel my fingers on the left hand due to 2 hours keyboard jumping Getting to old for this.