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  1. Hi, This post was made but it doesn't state anything in regards to servers for Brazil and/or South America. It's depending on how many people are actually letting them know a server is needed.
  2. Did you play in community servers or did you grind through unranked/arcade games?
  3. TNZ

    Rifle Only Cod 1 Server

    Probably EU
  4. TNZ

    Frequent crashing

    Have you tried running it border less and in a different resolution?
  5. TNZ

    Smiley Cod1 duder

    Smiley from 1.1?
  6. TNZ

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    Jeez, you must be really salty aren't you?
  7. TNZ

    Cod1/2/4 Player

    Wait... is that Stan the baconman?
  8. TNZ

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    Hi Sneaky, I understand that, that may have caused confusion. The fact is that, that post has been made 2 years ago. A lot has changed since, the game is out and it is what it is. We can keep referring back to the same things over and over again but that doesn't help any of us and only leaves people with frustrations. The game is never going to be Cod 1, Cod 2, Cod 4 or any other game simply because it hasn't been created with the same game engine or the same developers. All we can do as community is let ourselves be heard and I am sure that the development team will take things in consideration but in the end it's their decision as to how the game will be developed in the future. Unfortunately, you can't satisfy everybody as every person playing this game has a different feel to the game.