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  1. iNKZ13

    iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

    True, but the community was really fun at the moment. I still miss the evenings while searching and spamming the IRC channel for clanwars
  2. iNKZ13

    iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

    Well, all my friends played MOHAAS. So the choice was easy
  3. iNKZ13

    Active players decreased by 50%

    People will always jump shoot, this happened at every cod game or any game that has almost no recoil and straight shooting. The only games it wont happen are games like CS:GO since your accurancy will drop insanely if you jump. Its just a way to outplay your enemy, and after a while you will get used to it and you know how to counter it. Just out aim them. Even if they jump
  4. iNKZ13

    iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

    Hellooooo... Old Mohaas and Cod 1/2/4 Player checking in for Battalion 1944. Played MOHAAS as highest level so if there are any other old mohaas players, hit me up! Looking forward to meet you all in game.
  5. iNKZ13

    Active players decreased by 50%

    People always have something to complain about. Just give it time and the players will come back.
  6. iNKZ13

    does report function work?

    The only thing that bothers me sometimes are the spawns. Sometimes I just spawn next to the enemy flag .. that shouldn't be correct lol
  7. iNKZ13

    does report function work?

    To be honest, dont bother even responding to such people. They will aways call you out because you just outfrag them. Just ignore them
  8. iNKZ13

    Loot Boxes

    At the beginning of CS;GO there were like 2/3 skins for each gun, not more. They all came after some weeks/months. Just give them time, I think servers and gameplay are priority number one.
  9. iNKZ13


    It seems like you are losing connection to the host. Me and my friend has the same problem 2 nights ago and he got the message that he lost connection to the host. We have no clue how to fix it tho, last night everyting worked fine.
  10. iNKZ13

    Need help getting better performance

    Try to enable texture streaming and pull some settings down. I assume Shadows for example are eating so much FPS. Your GPU and SSD should be fine for the game. Also try to lower down your resolution.
  11. iNKZ13

    Fps Drop İn Some Areas.

    Try to use texture streaming, if that doesnt help its prob performance issues like mentioned above. What are your specs?
  12. iNKZ13

    The Best Battalion 1944 Settings

    400 dpi 2 sens.