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    Feedback from CoD1/2/4 Player

    The BAR being as bad as it was in CoD2 is the worst part about this game, they even used the CoD2 ironsight too...The BAR needs to be more like it was in CoD1. Can't say I agree about the MP40 being underpowered though.
  2. d1spatch

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Can't help but laugh at the fact that you're trying to insult someone by calling them "tiny little brained". You're clearly dropping all kinds of knowledge on people given the fact that you've gotten 5 upvotes over the course of 170 posts. That should tell you that most people don't agree with a lot of what you say. The MP40 needs to be adjusted. Never has it been so easy for the German side on defense to so easily mow down an entire push with one clip. Not to say that this has to be like CoD 1/2, but its worth pointing out that in this game, the German weapons are probably the strongest they've been across the board, and never have they had the MP40 be so strong that it can easily mow down a push. Just pointing these things out, but I do think its a little too strong.
  3. d1spatch

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Yea, its important from a gameplay standpoint, and also from a spectators standpoint and turning this into an eSport--you want to see those money headshot flicks and one taps. People don't want to watch people getting shot in the chest jumping around corners 24/7. Right now, from a spectator standpoint, in my opinion at least, the shots people hit in CoD1 and 2 were more entertaining, and part of that is because the game enabled those shots to happen. Not to say that people don't hit them in this game, they just seem less prevalent than they should. Addressing things like you mention with lean and SMG ttk will also enable more of these shots to happen.
  4. d1spatch

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Agree on most points. Also would like to see more heavy one taps. BAR and STG both have too much horizontal recoil and too much spread. Horizontal recoil like they have on the guns now imo have no place in a competitive shooter with a high skill cap. Add more vertical recoil both guns. 1taps and more headshots would come with making the heavies more accurate as they should be, making lean stronger, fixing headshot hitbox (still feels off), and nerfing corner jumping slightly. I know this will never be as prevalent as it was in CoD1 or CoD2 because of sprint, the jumping, and the slightly faster gameplay as a result--in CoD4 you saw a lot more chest shots and less headshots because of this, and it is similar in this game, but I think there are things that could be done to drift it back a bit towards the CoD1/2 style where well placed heavy headshots were skillful and meaningful. Also, they need to make toggle ADS not cancel when you prone and strafe, shits annoying as all fuck. You can do the same movement in hold ADS and not have it cancel ADS.
  5. d1spatch

    ADS cancels on proning

    Yea, but you can still do the movement when using hold ADS, so basically the way Bulkhead has it right now, players who use toggle ADS are being punished, while players who use hold ADS can easily hold strafe while going prone and stay in ADS. They need to, somehow, make it so that pressing a strafe key does not cancel toggle ADS, period. Whether or not they intend to change shit related to dropshotting is a different issue, pressing a strafe key while you are in toggle ads should not cancel toggle ADS.
  6. Yea this game is going nowhere competitively unless they fix these problems. The BAR is better now but I can't tell you how many times I've one tapped on people's head 100% on their dome and have it reg a body shot. Gunplay is pretty low skill cap right now. Game needs work.
  7. d1spatch

    In game name display

  8. Never said it did, I was pointing it out as a movement mechanic. Either way that is debatable anyway, bounces work in a similar way strafing does in allowing you smoother movement throughout the map.
  9. Sorry, I was implying that the movement feels fine for what they are intending here. They've stated that they don't plan on having the crazy bounce shit CoD4 had etc... As someone who has played a lot of Tribes and Quake though, I wouldn't be opposed to trying some additional movement mechanics in the game to see how it plays.
  10. The issues most-affecting the feel of game play right now are: -HIT REG - Way too many noregs!!! -SMG TTK -Heavies being weak at range Fix these issues and shit starts feeling proper.
  11. d1spatch

    my 2cents

    - The default gun for USA (maybe G43 too?) the shots dont go where the top of your ironsight is, they go below once you start spamming, and you have to aim above your target for them to land. If they want to make this some kind of skill based recoil pattern shit like CS thats cool, but then the spray pattern should be above the ironsight. No gun in CSGO has this shit like the Carbine has where your bullets go BELOW where your aim is.
  12. d1spatch


    I didn't know they nerfed the range, what was the reasoning? They are terible now. They also get outdeuled a lot of the time by SMGs at medium range where they should have the advantage. Definitely needs to be tuning with the SMG and Heavy damage and ranges.
  13. d1spatch


    They consciously chose not to give the STG a one tap to give the BAR the attackers advantage. I'm ok with that for now. There are other issues that are affecting both guns that are more important.
  14. d1spatch


    This game just doesn't feel nearly as rewarding in terms of pulling off good shots. You can do it with the sniper and the k98, maybe the garand too, but whats REALLY missing is the STG/BAR gameplay that was so heavy in CoD1/2....Both those guns are pretty trash in this game and right now gameplay is dominated by SMGs and Rifles.
  15. d1spatch

    Rifleman balancing

    The default rifles feel FUCKED too...can't tell you how many times I fire shots into peoples chest and nothing regs.