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  1. Swerve-TGC

    TR Mod Wish List

    Plus a Elmer Fudd Bot to kill all the Bunnies.
  2. Swerve-TGC

    Modelling some Props

    For those who have Models made and wanting importing in to game. Using the UT Editor works Flawless ,if using .fbx format, Save in 3ds Max or Maya.Using FBX 2016 plugin. Pay attention to settings on Materials and Smoothing Settings. As for foliage Speed tree is flawless.
  3. Swerve-TGC

    Tactical Realism

    I second what "Others" said.The BRM set the standard for TR.I would hate to think of the hundreds of hours I spent playing and working with config files.But it was all worth it. It is hard to forget Quake and move to the UT.But the big advantage here is the Developers are with the community and listen.I know you and the 34th have a lot of talent as does the 82nd and |Brothers| .If the community can mod this game to play as the BRM did,Then Life will be Wonderful.I think it has the possibility of even being bigger & better. The Dedicated TR community has waited many years for it.
  4. Nice to see Tactical Realism Community has a game to Rejoin us.Our Mappers, Mod devs and Modelers are Ready. CHEERS ALL!!! See you on Battlefield