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  1. dmitch17

    Grenade Indicator!!!

    At the end of the day the original argument was about the indicator. I think that it should be fixed, or removed all together, but it cannot remain as inconsistent as it is now. As for cooking, i am glad that grenade cooking is not implemented. Adding grenade cooking would decrease the skill of the game, and diminish the enjoyment.
  2. dmitch17

    Grenade Indicator!!!

    The grenade indicator NEEDS to be fixed. The current indicator lets you know if the grenade is 1 inch away or 200 feet away. There is no consistency and screws up gameplay. Please upvote this post so this change can be made.
  3. Battalion has been a blast to play so far but there are a few gripes I have. I believe you take way too much fall damage. Weapons you pick up should carry over rounds There should be a walk option not just crouch/scope to move silently Let me know what you guy think, and upvote to spread the word!