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    Asus R9 390 Stock
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    Gigabyte MOBO DS3 970A Rev 3.0
    16 GB HyperX Ram XMP
    22 Inch Monitor 1080
    2hdd's at 7200 rpm and 1 SSD
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    Hi All

    Thank you!
  2. Cyneward

    Hi All

    thank you!
  3. Cyneward

    Quite Confused

    I have not had to wait more than 20 seconds to get into a server and play in either unranked or arcade mode: Why is everyone else having issues? I have no had any fps drops at all on ultra settings at 1080 : I keep reading many are having this Yes there are a lot of insane shots but I take it they are better than me and will keep playing to get better So i an confused because I keep reading there are so many having issues but I am not? Could it be the region?
  4. Cyneward

    Hi All

    Thank you!
  5. Cyneward

    Hi All

    So I am def. getting addicted, the game i find simple and old school which i like because i was getting burned out of the move super fast jump off walls and hi tech trend and wanted something to remind me of the old games i used to play. I have played just about every shooter out there and don't compare this game to others. I take it for what it is. I am a fan and hope it continues on to grow more. I have done some research on the web on the devs after purchasing this game about 2 days ago and really like what i see so far. Keep it up and I am happy to join the Battalion! I will most likely add this game to my stream queue now so ready for next Quarter!