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    Lil Joe

    Treating your customers with bitter sarcasm is just pure cringe.
  2. Thunder_Buddy

    Game's Dead guys..

    So the devs are basically in their own Reddit bubble where every fan boy is praising a faulty game. If they only listen to the somewhat isolated player base on Reddit, they'll miss a lot of feedback and therefore they'll loose plenty of potential players. The game will be dead if the next Update won't fix a few of the issues that were discussed over and over on this forum. 1k players during peak hours worldwide, WORLDWIDE!
  3. Thunder_Buddy

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    No There was only a shock reaction after you almost got killed by a nade.
  4. Thunder_Buddy

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    In Call Of Duty 1 and United Offensive you couldn't ADS at all while you were jumping. On top of this, the weapons had much more recoil compared to Battalion. Getting good in that game definitely took skill and a lot of practice and if Bulkhead is really trying to make a 'back to the roots game', they should take COD UO as an example. Jump shots (as well as quick scoping kills) were just pure luck back in the day, now it is an actual game mechanic which ruins every bit of fun for me when I play Battalion. I mean the jumping in this game is getting really out of hand. The only way to get around a corner is to jump like a maniac, looks plain ridiculous.