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  1. Search & Destroy Rifle Only, without grenade en smoke, like call of duty 1 connect enjoy
  2. Download https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35&tduid=(39d7f86dfb944fe5d848dcfff863676a)(190944)(1835138)(68756X1554900X29ae07f16ee80068579c3ec7dac01841)() to fix it
  3. dEST

    Free server for anyone

    Hello, I want to buy a dedicated server with Linux in Germany, just for hosting some battalian servers. If you can help me with setting up just battalian server, you can install one server for yourself with FTP acces. GIve me your skype name and i will add you thx dEST
  4. dEST

    Rifle Only Server

    Hello People, I want to make my own Rifle Only War Tide server like the old times in Call of duty 1 & 2 with no grenade and smokes. I know i need to change it in loadout in Deck but i cant get it done to have it rifle only. Can someone help me making the right BombDeck for Rifle Only? I really gonna appreciate that Thank you people!