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  1. i_m_wayne_king

    game modes

    true, thx
  2. i_m_wayne_king

    game modes

    how come you can not select a specific game mode to play, like just capture the flag/bomb etc. in arcade?
  3. i_m_wayne_king

    my 2cents

    i know its fast paced arcade.... so why proning? i meant realism like- they jump/run spray outperforms a stationary ready opponent - like really overpowering if you say that i can macro and start kangaroo jumping corners etc, well i guess ill just have to do it
  4. i_m_wayne_king

    my 2cents

    ya i understand what you mean, but also know that its impossible with current tech to design a "realistic" game. however the function changes i suggested i think will make it better. i could be totally wrong tho
  5. i_m_wayne_king

    my 2cents

    lol yeah mate gotta keep the .50 cal tucked away in the pants ;P
  6. i_m_wayne_king

    my 2cents

    you can masturbate in real life too mate, add that in?
  7. i_m_wayne_king

    my 2cents

    remove proning - whats the point? the maps aint clean its a fast paced game pre fire jump shooting around corners ---------- basically cheating pre fire prone shooting around corners --------- basically cheating mini map identification of team members any damage meter inflicted on target after you die? running around with a long range rifle is so inaccurate in real life you need to stop moving and steady your aim but in this you can hit shots within 1ms of stopping maybe even while moving recoil on smg etc while moving need to be far greater the german team being black clothing blend in on many maps since blackish backgrounds more guns- sten gun, mg43, etc cleaner maps jump/prone shooting should be heavily at a disadvantage, try doing that irl and see how long you last, probs lose many players if this feature stays?