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    Got banned?

    Not sure if i should post here on open another thread. It's been 5 months now and have not been able to play the game yet. When i first was banned it didnt bother me since i was playing other games to, but yesterday i have tried to log in and i see i'am still banned. I have checked my steam profile and this also shows GAME-BAN. Can i get more information about this ban since i'am not aware of me cheating in a game i have only played for a few hours. Thanks in advance
  2. kippensoep1991

    Got banned?

    Hello there folks, I was just playing a game with my 2 friends and all of the sudden i have been kicked. When i tried rejoining another game, it gave me the error "you have been banned" I have not used cheats nor did anything bannable, also my friends get the error "match making not available"... are the servers down or? Seems to be fixed. I can now play games again. - keep topic open or close?