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    30 man servers needed

    Not much to explain here, it would really be nice to have 30 or 20 man servers and not 3v3 CTF games feels soo dull
  2. -Sprinting in this game should be removed or its gonna lose its player base. Why you ask? Sprint jump in general and sprint jumping around corners Just simply makes the game really unbalanced (bolt action useless- auto guns OP)
  3. Hi, friends, bought the game recently, played for a few hours, and it was ok, nothing too special, perfect way to describe this game is if COD 2 and COD 4 had a baby. But back to the topic, sprinting in this game isnt too bad, but i feel like everyone just sprint jump peeks around corners literally all the time, usually with automatic rifles which makes the bolt action rifle obsolete as well as the sniper rifle, it just feels kinda unbalanced, of course one of the ways to fix this is either nerf the automatic rifles, semi-automatic etc. or just remove sprinting altogether, I would prefer to go with the latter one, if you want to make this game more competitive it cant be just run and gun how it is now, if we look at COD 2, if that game had compeditive mode that game would still be very much alive today, and even as i write this at least a couple of thousand people are playing it right now, by removing sprint from the game it would up the movement skill cap by a lot and just skill cap in general and not just sprint jump everywhere around the map like a total donkey. Anyway thats my opinion on sprinting now onto the player limit, first off the 5v5 mode in competitive is completely fine nothing wrong with that, but the arcade mode just feels empty the servers should probably be 20 man servers to make the game feel more alive played some arcade today and it was a 3v3 capture the flag, i mean come on how can that be fun, also probably adding the option to join already started games wouldnt be too bad as it would compensate for the players that left, or just didnt load into the game. Thanks for reading. Have a good one. PS. Add a feature where you can see how far away from the grenade you are, maybe by using fade on the grenade icon