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  1. Payne [193rd GIR]

    Who will be playing TR in Bat 1944

    Unit Name: 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment Unit Website: http://www.193gir.com Point of Contact (Steam): http://steamcommunity.com/id/eskinzin/ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/W4kF7N
  2. Payne [193rd GIR]

    Tactical Realism Ladders/Events

    Hey Holmes, I know we would be interested in helping out with this once things get rolling along.
  3. Greetings! I am the SNCO of the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division. We are comprised of new and old realism players from both CoD2 TR and DOD:S Realism with a strong desire and commitment to bring WWII history alive within an online gaming community. Our current focus is Hell Let Loose which releases in March. However, Battalion 1944 has also caught our attention with it's strong presence of realism communities and the potential to bring back those glorious days of CoD2 TR. I look forward to collaborating with your units within Battalion. Our forums are located at www.193gir.com V/R Staff Sergeant Payne
  4. Payne [193rd GIR]

    Tactical Realism

    Looking forward to a TR mod similar to CoD2 WRM. Anything to domesticate these bouncing bunnies.
  5. Greetings Battalion 1944 community, I'm the SNCO of the 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division. We consider ourselves a casual tactical realism community within Day of Infamy, Hell Let Loose and Battalion 1944. We are comprised of over a dozen active members ages 18 years and older with a variety of military and realism experiences. Most of us have been playing "realism" in both CoD2 and DOD:S for over a decade with roots tracing back to the FJR.6 (CoD2) and 5th RB (DOD:S) units. We enjoy holding weekly events which include but are not limited to formal drills, inter-unit scrims, unit matches, and other community events such as movie nights and "other game" nights. We look forward to working with all of the other communities within Battalion 1944 and we extend an open hand for you to join us on our forums, discord and game servers. We currently do not have a game server within Battalion as our primary focus has been preparing for the release of Hell Let Loose. We may decide to invest in a BAT1944 server in the near future. Our forums are located at: www.193gir.com Feel free to add me on steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/eskinzin/ Looking forward to greeting you with a generous volley of lead out on the battlefield! V/R Staff Sergeant Tyler Payne. 193rd Glider Infantry Regiment, Charlie Company, First Platoon Headquarters. "G for Guts!"