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    Are we able to update our servers to the 2.0 beta as our community would love to get our server active again as we were the first to have and keep full 32 slot server since it's release and lucky enough to have Bram join us on teamspeak while he was playing on our server. We have been waiting a long time to see the update
  2. Kicks

    Server Browser Issue.

    Got the same issue, with Linux server files, all worked fine until recent update. Can still connect to the server via ip
  3. Kicks

    FPS drops since last update

    I was having the same kind of issue but was rubber banding alot, I completely uninstalled the game then reinstalled it, disabled foliage and enabled texture streaming (only changes I made ingame everything else is maxed out) I now get a steady 200 fps with no more lag or issues
  4. Kicks

    game chrashing

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1eCm-ExyQvc_LTu4KpP4tczAjBzfZoV81 This worked for alot of members in my clan who had the same issue as yourself, it removes alot of settings for people and seems to run so much faster and smoother, unzip the file and put it in \Steam\steamapps\common\Battalion 1944\Battalion\configs\custom folder. Delete all custom.config files in there and put in the 'voddY.config' you just unzipped from the file and rename it to custom2.config, load your game up and once it loads click on 'custom2' on top right of the screen and you're done!
  5. Hello, Our server on our dedibox appears to crash on map change, I first thought it was due to the amount of players we actually had on the server (all 40 slots full including having Brammertron join in on the mayhem) The server worked and functioned perfectly for 3 map changes which was nearing 2.3 hours of gameplay then crashed on the 4th, so I changed the player size down to 32 slots as well as removing the smaller maps incase. But even with only 10 people on the server it crashed when the map rotated, loads the map then crashes. Friend of mine is having the same issue but he's running windows server files so I don't think it's due to it being linux. Dedibox specs:- E3-1225v2, 32GB Ram, 120GB SSD, Linux Current server file Version: 10849 Anyone else having this issue or know what could be the cause?