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  1. Drezzy

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

  2. Drezzy

    Are we being heard by the developers?

    no answer from developers ahah
  3. Drezzy

    OTT Jumping

    With the jump the game will really die ....
  4. Drezzy

    OTT Jumping

    The jump and a major problem on battalion 1944
  5. Drezzy

    Game's Dead guys..

    It just needs to be toned down considerably in terms of Ninja jumping abilities and accuracy. (I agree with that)
  6. Drezzy

    OTT Jumping

    it's sad
  7. Drezzy

    OTT Jumping

    Is there a server with the calm jump ?
  8. Drezzy

    OTT Jumping

    Totally agree !
  9. Drezzy

    OTT Jumping

    The current leap will kill the game
  10. Drezzy

    Active players decreased by 50%

    All people thought the same thing , many did not know it was promod , battalion a need for weapon balance and no rabbit jump lol
  11. Drezzy

    Active players decreased by 50%

    One of the major problem is the bad jump and shoot.