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  1. naes

    Games literally dead in AU

    Yeah, the games struggling publicly in AU it's just one of those things mate. If they improve the crashes and some of the issues then the game might pick up. Either just play during peak times i.e; 5-9 or play other games and hopefully it increases.
  2. naes

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    It's not just damage that makes a gun fine or OP. The mp40 has way more visual kick where the thompson has incredibly limited recoil and fires like a laser beam. The Thompson right is the strongest gun in the game.
  3. naes

    Rank System (elo?)

    I don't have any insider knowledge to how Battalion is working their Elo Ranked system but i do have a very good grasp of Elo in general. I have seen multiple people with this same issue and this is in my opinion why we are seeing it; In most games where they do "Calibration Matches" the K factor (the numbered amount you will increase / decrease if both teams are equal in laymen terms) will be large. Allowing for growth and dips fairly quickly with limited matches. This is used to "roughly" gauge the players skill area and quite often games will take into account your impact in the game (which is usually toned down after wards in normal ranked matches). In this game i feel as if they haven't. Now for example let's say in this game Bronze 1 to Diamond 5 is an Elo of 1-5000. It looks like this game has set every one at around 500-1000 for Calibration and then just started a "normal matchmaking process". This means even after going 9-1, 10-0 etc the max you will get is Silver 3 due to no one being higher to give you an "Elo boost" after a win. The K factor is staying stagnate around "25". Now that you have Calibrated in the top 5% of Silver 3 (guessing btw just for arguments sake) there is no matches that is given you more than 25 Elo even after a win and thus will increase incredibly slowly compared to other Elo based match making games. Could be wrong but this is my take on it.
  4. naes

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    100% agree with everything you wrote apart from landing lag, as much as i agree it would be a benefit i can't bring my self to support something i know i will rage at after getting booked in mud.
  5. naes


    This is a major issue with Australian servers that isn’t experienced on private scrim servers.
  6. I personally think a really good way to drum up some interest into the general population would be to advertise a free weekend for people to invite their friends along and experience what an amazing FPS this game truly is. It might just be the difference maker and kick start the boost to players we all wish to see happen. Keep up the solid work guys.
  7. Not what i meant. Some games separate your "party mmr" and your "solo mmr", this also helps prevent boosting. Some games don't allow you to increase your Elo past a certain point in a party. I was wondering what method they would use in this game or would they just combine both party and solo (hopefully not this).
  8. Will the Ranked matchmaking have separate Elo scores for Solo and Party play? I ask because if they are combined what boundaries will be in place to limit boosting and the issue of people only playing ranked if they are 5 stacking. Will you be taking the "old Dota" approach where the rankings are separated or for lack of a better example the "new Dota" approach where you can't increase past a certain tier as a party and need to solo for the higher tiers i.e; Diamond.
  9. That wouldn't work tbh mate, if you remove chests on leveling up why would someone want to level up on community servers only to increase the X amount they need at high levels on dedicated servers? People could also just afk in afk servers at say level 45 come back in X amount of time and play 1 game of unranked to level up. You can still play the game modes you want with friends in your server, if warchests aren't a concern why do you feel levels are?
  10. naes

    Should We Remove Jump Shooting?

    Why are people always trying to remove jump shooting. It's hard to do well and that's exactly the point. Leave it alone.