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  1. Thats fine, I am happy to help!
  2. Hey there Haza, we are looking for members for both but currently we have more members for EU
  3. Looking to squad up for ranked? TAW is recruiting members of any skill!! You can sign up today at TAW.net!!!!
  4. Lucifer

    Crashing after update

    Same here I cannot even load into the main menu at times before it crashes
  5. Hey Nasty, We do plan to eventually, we want to have people that want to both casual and competitive so we can have in house tournaments and have tournaments that have outside teams as well! If you have any other questions feel free to ask away!
  6. Hey there Echo, All you need to do is sign up at our website taw.net. After you have done that you will receive an email for us with information on how to access our TS and everything else! See you soon!!
  7. We do have plans to host many different events and different tournaments within our clan and outside our clan
  8. About TAW! TAW or the Art of Warfare is a gaming community that has been around for over 15 years, and have been supporting many different types of games from many different genres. In TAW we currently have over 2600 members from all over the world which means you never have to play your favourite games alone!!! We are a community of people that are relaxed and want to have fun but also provide a community for the players that want to play competitively! What we expect from our members! To be friendly, we are always ready to help our members with anything Fair play : We have a policy of zero tolerance for cheating or anything that may give a player advantages over someone else A community that likes to be social while also being a friendly and competitive place Stability so you can be very sure that TAW is not going away anytime in the near or distant future What we offer our TAW members! A full dedicated teamspeak server available 24/7, 365 days a year! To be a part of something new and bigger than any individual! A website with a active forum and wikis for the many games TAW supports! You have the opportunity for in clan promotions! We will offer in clan tournaments and support clan vs clan matches! What else other than a lot of fun! What do you need to join TAW? Be 16 or over Have a working microphone Have access to Teamspeak Attend 1 of our events per week And Just have fun!! Where can you sign up? You can visit our website at taw.net to sign to join us today!!