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    Can the Devs nurf the jumping above walls as in a game we see just about every one jumping up over a wall and quick scoping one shot and kill Its ruining the game Every player is doing the same jumping like a kid on crack !! turn off the jumping button its not the Xbox its a community game for players not kid's Its destroying the game
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    Well done Keep the improvements coming
  3. Ha ha Its just nice to have servers again and in time all the issues will get sorted as you say its in alfa
  4. I see what you mean But we play Tactical games in crouch no running and gunning as that is for kiddies as you don't do that in a real battle in the field in real life so why do it in game Prone is good as it makes you a smaller target and if you wish to tactically wait (camping for cry babies ) its a better game play and makes you a better player !! Try it you may like it As you / we buy the game and should not have players in game chat moaning stop this or stop that If you play in our server you play by our rules and if that player doesn't like it leave don't complain when they finish on 3 for 20 lol Agree jumping needs limiting to 5 % to stop the jumping round corners shooting as this is spoiling the games who would and why would you jump round corners ! you just die tired Just an opinion keep up the good work Devs Xtclan.co.uk tactical crouch maps server address connect
  5. Sunday night crouch game battalion All welcome to join Xtreme team tactical crouch if you can make it see you in game
  6. Can we have an easier way to kick a player Ie escape / select player / kick that player not to vote them off from an admin point of view as as by the time you type in the name or guid the game is over lol Thanks
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    Looking For Clan

    Hi Sourcey We We are always open to new members pop in out website say hi We also use TeamSpeak and our website addtess is xtclan.co.uk
  8. Having trouble removing players from our server using the commands provided xtclan.co.uk
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    Admin commands

    Thank you we will try again later
  10. Welcome to tactical group enjoy hope to have a scrim in the future
  11. Always play tactical crouch no more running and gunning Better game play
  12. Thanks for the add looking forward to this game fir over a year now we have servers again to play Tactical crouch many thanks xtclan.co.uk
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    Thank you Soldat Ryan
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    Anticheat guys

    It would be nice if we can have something like B3 for the members to use in the servers to perm ban cheaters from private servers I know the system in place now is ok but if we can introduce B3 or something similar it would help clan servers possibly
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    Kicking people

    Basic Server Commands All commands made in the console MUST start with the word "Server." It is not case sensitive. Example: server.command # Example: server.restart Restart the server "Restart" Shutdown the server "Shutdown" Force end the round "EndRound" Pause the game - use again to unpause "Pause" Force win the round "WinRound" Force lose the round "LoseRound" Load the next map/mode in the rotation "LoadNextGame" Announce a message to everyone in the server "Announce <MESSAGE>" Disconnect everyone from the server "DisconnectAll" Change yourself to team "ChangeToTeam <1 or 0>" List all party members "ListPartyMembers" Kick Player by Name "KickPlayerByName <NAME>" Kick Player by Steam GUID "KickPlayerBySteamID <ID> Maps & Modes Change to a map + mode "ChangeMap <MAP> <MODE>" Map "Liberation" Map "Derailed" Map "Coastal" Map "Battery" Map "Invasion" Map "Outpost" Map "ManorHouse_V1" Map "Manorhouse_V2" Mode "BOMB" Mode "FFA" Mode "TDM" Mode "CTF" Mode "DOM" Practice Settings & Cheats We'd like to ask that server admins use these responsibly. Please remember, you don't need arrows <> replace this with a number. There is currently no "noclip" or "fly" command. But this is something we are working on, we will definitely be supporting this. Make yourself invulnerable "Invulnerable <1 or 0>" Give a specified weapon to yourself "GiveWeapon <WEAPON NAME> Give a grenade to yourself "GiveGrenade <NUM>" Give a smoke grenade to yourself "GiveSmokeGrenade <NUM>" Give ammo to yourself "GiveAmmo <NUM>" Change yourself to team "ChangeToTeam <1 or 0>" Bots Technically, we have bots. The dev team use them for improving performance and testing weapons. However, the bots are very very stupid. The bots in Battalion 1944, of course will be improved. But we have left them in there because we wanted players to have the option to use them. These bots were never intended to be used as opponents, they are purely designed for testing. Use bots at your own risk, and when they start to lick each other. Please remain calm. Add a bot to the server (careful now!) "AddBot <NUM>" Kill all bots "KillBots" Competitive Settings & Tournaments This section is specific to players running competitive servers or tournaments Changing the Gamestate The Gamestate, is the current state of the server. To change to a server state, please use the commands below. "State <STATE_NAME>" Possible states: WaitingToStart CountdownToStart SetupRound PostRound PostMatch Show the GUID of All Players in a Server This command is not actually a 'server' command, any user can do this to check that the players in the server are who they say they are and that they are registered with an external tournament provider to play in your tournament or cup. To show the GUID you will need to press your console button twice, to show the "big console". "cmd.GetPlayerStats"
  16. Hi all thanks for the add We are a tactical crouch clan and always will be We have one server up at the moment but may have more in the near future our web address is xtclan.co.uk we look forward to gaming scrims and so on Xtc
  17. Hi we are also looking for new members who like to play Tactical crouch games just like in (Black ops) No running and jumping like rabbits on drugs Come and say hello In our TeamSpeak all info found @ xtclan.co.uk Our aim was to build a clan that is composed of members from all walks of life, young and old, male and female and the membership would span international boundaries and each and every clan member would represent the clan in the same manner; with honor, respect, truth, maturity, and a sense of brotherhood that can only come from equality. (and of course the most important aspect of the clan member is to have a little sense of humor and patience!) Above everything we wanted to create an organisation that values the overall enjoyment of each of its members, with this happiness and pleasure applying not only to the actual time we spent in gaming but also in our online social interaction as well. So from this a clan was born rising like a pheonix from the ashes and becoming known as the Xtreme Team. The emphasis being on TEAM which is our clan motto and stands for..... Together, Everyone, Achieves, More. This ideal is so strong, that it is forming the very core of what the clan is being built on. We have absolute faith that this will carry us on for many years to come, the forumla which has already been proved time and time again will be used to form the basis of this great community of gamers from every walk of game and life. We believe absolutely that absolute power corrupts absolutely, we have witnessed it first hand and as a result we do not class members into a traditional organisational hierarchy clan. Each member is regarded as being equal no matter their standing in the clan and have the right to say or vote for the direction of the clan from day one. As a general rule however the clan does contain administrators and clan leaders and they are there to assist in the overall day to day operations of the entire clan. They believe in transparancy and honesty with each and every member and that every member is equal no matter how new to the clan. We have to set a age restriction on membership due to this clan structure as we do need a level of maturity in order for this to work correctly so we have set the age restriction to 17 to join the clan. The day to day management of the clan is managed by the admin who all have to agree before something is set in stone. Most decisions are normally made after a poll is run, sometimes clan only and sometimes with public involvement. Rules of the clan are not made or changed by one man, they are written and can only be rewritten with full admin board approval. The happiness of the clan is what is important whilst abiding by our code of conduct and principles. We believe that the most important member of the clan is each and every individual member and not just the leaders or admin. We hope one day to compete in ladders leagues and tournaments striving for victory against our fellow clans, however we as a clan do not require the members to participate in organised online competition. We appreciate and accept casual gamers as much as those wishing to become part of the clans competative teams We see the future of our clan as being open to unlimited growth, potential and possibility, we do not set limits to the numbers of members or their ideas and we are open to new possibilies and ideas for that is what we believe provides the growth and stimulus of any clan. Our destiny lies and is directly linked to the unending enthusiasm of our members as well as the influx of new talents and ideas that they will bring to us. For the Xtreme Team tomorrow has never looked brighter, as once said before the creation of the clan......
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    New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hi all XtClan here Game looking good and we have a server on day one Its good to finally have servers that we can control Well done chaps