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    Can the Devs nurf the jumping above walls as in a game we see just about every one jumping up over a wall and quick scoping one shot and kill Its ruining the game Every player is doing the same jumping like a kid on crack !! turn off the jumping button its not the Xbox its a community game for players not kid's Its destroying the game
  2. XtClan


    Well done Keep the improvements coming
  3. Ha ha Its just nice to have servers again and in time all the issues will get sorted as you say its in alfa
  4. I see what you mean But we play Tactical games in crouch no running and gunning as that is for kiddies as you don't do that in a real battle in the field in real life so why do it in game Prone is good as it makes you a smaller target and if you wish to tactically wait (camping for cry babies ) its a better game play and makes you a better player !! Try it you may like it As you / we buy the game and should not have players in game chat moaning stop this or stop that If you play in our server you play by our rules and if that player doesn't like it leave don't complain when they finish on 3 for 20 lol Agree jumping needs limiting to 5 % to stop the jumping round corners shooting as this is spoiling the games who would and why would you jump round corners ! you just die tired Just an opinion keep up the good work Devs Xtclan.co.uk tactical crouch maps server address connect
  5. Sunday night crouch game battalion All welcome to join Xtreme team tactical crouch if you can make it see you in game
  6. Can we have an easier way to kick a player Ie escape / select player / kick that player not to vote them off from an admin point of view as as by the time you type in the name or guid the game is over lol Thanks
  7. XtClan

    Looking For Clan

    Hi Sourcey We We are always open to new members pop in out website say hi We also use TeamSpeak and our website addtess is xtclan.co.uk
  8. XtClan

    Admin commands

    Thank you we will try again later
  9. Having trouble removing players from our server using the commands provided xtclan.co.uk
  10. Welcome to tactical group enjoy hope to have a scrim in the future
  11. Always play tactical crouch no more running and gunning Better game play
  12. XtClan


    Thank you Soldat Ryan