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  1. Hello, first I'd like to express how much I appreciate your development of this game. Promod has been my personal highlight in competitive gaming and I got so hyped when I heard you guys developed a game with promod, movement and bare bones being a big source of influence, I really want this game to succeed! The product as of now also LOOKS great, but I can't launch the game. You see, I've disabled all of Microsoft's telemetry and privacy invading background services, aka their system wide espionage (last step before emigrating my main desktop to Linux ;)). You can do this by disabling services manually and editing the registry, or you can use a tool like W10 Privacy. Your anticheat system in use seem to have dependencies on said services.. I've never encountered this error with any of the other current popular games. On top of this, you get a bit disheartened reading topics like this: ..Realizing That this horrific flaw in the anticheat system isn't even there for the greater good. No gain, all pain..? I hope you consider implementing an ordinary, stable and field-tested anticheat system which doesn't build upon shady privacy invasion, or at least provide a workaround.