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  1. Not sure about bunnyhopping but you boys are certainly hipfiring.....Wait for the mod tools to come out before you get your knickers in a knot.
  2. Hey guys, I know it's not a Battalion specific bug but is anyone else getting numbers as their server name on the gametracker banner? We are trying to claim the server but the name won't change..
  3. =OFAW= Bazza

    Need help: Want to make COD2 Maps

    Cod 2 maps were the best! They need to be big! Foy V2, Carentan, Normandy to name a few. Would also love to see the realism mod where you had to use bandages otherwise you bled out. If the 16yr olds want to run around in a lunchbox jumping and spamming let them. Let us take our time to hunt our target!
  4. =OFAW= Bazza

    Tactical Realism

    Do you guys know of any admin programs in development to aid in the monitoring of servers? We want to turn friendly fire on but need an auto kicker, a swear filter and be able to put server rules up.
  5. =OFAW= Bazza

    Tactical Realism Clan Players/Lovers

    Hey Chris, I am from Old Farts At War =OFAW= and we have ran multiple servers with tactical realism on every COD until the demise of dedicated servers. We would love to be a part of the resurrection! We are a mature gaming clan that recruits 25+yr olds that in its peak had 300 members from Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, England and even Belguim. We would love to return to the "good old days" of gaming. If you would like to share notes, a hand with anything or another clan to have friendly "Tactical" scrims with down the track look us up!!!
  6. =OFAW= Bazza

    How to login to admin the server?

    Hey Guys, I successfully added multiple ID's through Game Servers "Advanced Editor". Scroll down until you see below and do what I did (numbers are made up but you get it AdminSteamIDs="457894327589345";"43254626565636563";"2345234523456523652635"
  7. =OFAW= Bazza

    same old crap

    Anders, our clan excepts all gamers over 25yrs. http://oldfartsatwar.enjin.com/ Apologies admins if I have broken a forum rule by posting a clan website.
  8. =OFAW= Bazza

    Server - Change player limit

    Hey guys, we have a 16 slot server with Game Servers and as long as you go to "Advanced Editor" scroll down and change the "MaxPlayers" to 8 per side in approx. 3 different sections it works fine.
  9. =OFAW= Bazza

    same old crap

    Guys relax! It is still way too early to ride it off. Wait for the mod tools and hardcore mode. Our clan is praying we can make it like the Tactical Realism mod in COD WAW where if you jump or duckdive it takes your gun away for a second, and you cant throw a nade in the first 30secs. Just be patient
  10. =OFAW= Bazza

    Custom Server Favourites or Filters?

    Hey guys. Firstly just want to say as a COD UO gamer that completely lost faith in the franchise I am loving this game!!! From a clans point of view we are trying to fill our server but are struggling because firstly, there is no "favorites" option, no ping displayed for any servers and no way to filter servers. Just wondering how this is progressing? Ps. Side note, when can we cook nades??