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  1. NooDle

    TR Mod Wish List

    That's good news Chris.
  2. Clan Name: 34th Infantry Division [34] Red Bulls Clan Website: Website info coming soon Under construction and Dedicated server info also coming soon. Contact(steam): NooDle222 Voice: https://discord.gg/ayYdqMZ
  3. NooDle

    TR Mod Wish List

    Once the Mod tools are released we will be working on a TR mod. The jump shooting should be an easy fix and I'm looking into fixing this now but as for the rest of your list should not be a problem. Chris, I have your Discord and I will keep you posted on the progress once we have the tools.
  4. NooDle

    Tactical Realism

    lol We will be on it once the tools become available.
  5. NooDle

    Tactical Realism

  6. NooDle

    Greetings from <82ndAB>

    Brent glad to see you still around bud.
  7. NooDle

    Tactical Realism

    Once the Mod tools are released you will see mods coming out. I have already been collaborating with a few TR mappers and modders. We will have our own servers soon....