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  1. What is this crap... There should be 0 possibility of getting a draw/tie. CoD, Siege, Insurgency and a shit of games have the ability for an overtime match point. Why doesn't this "competitive" game have this? What's the logic behind this? You put all this effort into trying to win and then you end up getting a draw?
  2. One Discord feature, GameBridge ( https://discordapp.com/gamebridge ). - For one, VOIP sucks in B44 let's face it. B44 needs GameBridge so that we can use Discord for VOIP and not the service provider your currently paying for. How does the VOIP service suck? Hear this; https://clips.twitch.tv/GlutenFreePatientAlmondBlargNaut Second Discord feature, Rich Presence ( https://discordapp.com/rich-presence ). - I'd love for the game to show how many rounds you are winning/losing, what your using, what map and whether if it's ranked, unranked or a custom server. ---------- Update 1 Let's get Discord to reconsider, vote here: https://feedback.discordapp.com/forums/326712-discord-dream-land/suggestions/33591910-reconsider-b44-for-game-bridge-now-after-launch
  3. azgoodaz

    Jump shots

    100% agree. ^ That quote is from the Steam store of the game. Dropshotting and jumping around corners isn't competitive, it doesn't bring back the classic FPS feel and jumping/dropshotting isn't a 'fluid movement.'
  4. azgoodaz

    Jump Shooting - CoD2 player's perspective.

    I agree. Jump and prone needs to be removed from the game. If not, the game will be taken over by CoD fan boys where they only use this to get kills. It's not competitive at all. BATTALION 1944 doesn't need to trash mechanic.