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  1. Battalion weird lag

    turn texture streaming on and see if that fixes the problem, also was the music needed?
  2. When forums is life

    calm down aussie thunder lol
  3. Option to remove sprint server side.

    it would be like cod 2, which is how it should be tbh, cod 4 started this whole sprint corner jumping spastic tactic. takes no skill all.
  4. Arcade spawns

    you either have to run across map to find someone, or you get spawn trapped, no in between.
  5. add feedback to report

    No idea if reporting people even works, as it gives no feedback, had a game earlier with two people who were clearly hacking, and obviously in a party together, reported them but not even sure if it even works as it gives us no feedback that it was submitted.
  6. We're now two weeks into early-access...

    30 hours for me, because of work lol
  7. Idea to expand the playerbase

    i should have 50 was chests then haha, i've gifted it to quite a few people.
  8. Custom Config file......weapon off set settings?

    global is every weapons offset, or you can do one for every weapon individually, move the sliders and you'll see exactly what they do, no idea if you can do custom settings in config, haven't tried, i know you can get a bigger field of view if you do it through config.
  9. View Steam Profile

    this, there are some people i've played with that would be cool to have regular matches with but no way to add them from game.
  10. Teammates color.

    as someone who is color blind i had no problems with the colors in CSGO
  11. Fix or remove the shotgun, simple as that.

    here i was thinking it was underpowered haha, always getting tags with the thing.
  12. OTT Jumping

    thats fine it just needs tweaking, unlike cod4 the weapons kill a lot faster in this, making the corner jumping stuff OP.
  13. my 2cents

    m8 i got a bazooka in my pants.
  14. Custom Config file......weapon off set settings?

    these are in options menu btw my global one is "globalWeaponOffset": [ 5, -2, -2 ],
  15. does report function work?

    actually really enjoy CTF, they should make it a competitive mode too, or at least add the option in MM.