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  1. Absolutely Horrid

    iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

    Ladders? Pffft... Being a noob and running around like a headless chicken was where it's at! You are right of course, neither MOHAA:S or MOHAA:B stood up to MOHAA in terms of numbers, but for pure personal enjoyment my fav was still MOHAA:S. I loved Tug of War, and would have loved Liberation even more if not for the infernal lag! Hey, devs... ToW and Liberation style modes plox?
  2. Absolutely Horrid

    iNKZ/13/ ex-MOHAAS/COD

    Hmmmm, not sure about that. MOHAA:S > MOHAA > MOHAA:B MOHAA:B would have been my fav, due to Liberation mode, had EA not royally screwed us over with uncontrollable lag. (Server-side memory leaks FTL!) Welcome!
  3. Absolutely Horrid

    same old crap

    No, funnily enough I'm a fair bit older. You see, whilst you may not want an arcade style shooter based around WWII, some of us may be rather fond of the idea. It's a huge hit of nostalgia from playing the original Medal of Honor and Call of Duty titles. Enjoying an arcade style shooter doesn't make one young or childish, just because you don't like it.
  4. Absolutely Horrid

    Filter in server browser

    Have they said this somewhere? Even just a way to add favourites would be a good start. Finding my own server is a nightmare!
  5. Absolutely Horrid

    same old crap

    Each to their own. The 'arcade bullcrap' is what I saw in a stream and bought the game for.
  6. Absolutely Horrid

    Game freezing in Unranked searching

    Same. Have you reported it as a bug?
  7. Absolutely Horrid

    UPDATE 2: Creating a Serverbrowser (outside of the game)

    Amazing work. They need to hire you for making a server browser!
  8. Absolutely Horrid

    Now everyday is Throwback Thursday

    I watched this game on the Scan Twitch stream today. Sadly I did not win a key in the giveaway, but I went and bought the game anyway. It's brilliant! I played Medal of Honor back in the day, Allied Assault, Spearhead and Breakthrough, as well as the original Call of Duty. This game is a huge nostalgia hit and it's just so much fun. I'd love to see VIP slots and an improved server browser, so it's easier to find my own server, but for an early access title I am well impressed. Keep up the good work and see you on the battlefield! P.S. I created a server named after Hogwarts and the teams are called Gryffindor and Slytherin. So awesome!