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    For start, This list is full of my opinions. If you agree or disagree, comment down and be reasonable. Bugs Multiple grenades in a row cancels animation You can Knife while running.. no animation + OP Unbalanced games always 3v5 sounds while spectating.. (while spectating player, spectator hears players own steps and its very confusing) Visual QUE NOTIFICATION, (It could be something like grey box. just so it wont blend on background) Que counter, timer to tell how long and how many players are in que currently. Player animations are horrible…. i think that this is already on your list Example of this is Q and E animations. . Guns are too close to face. Running meter, show how long can i run from now on Tell player what to press while being on bomb site My opinions: Starting countdown is too long Bullet holes would be awesome Remove scoping if player jumps while aiming Recoil on snipers Improvements: create easy to launch server creation tool. Work on skins/loot boxes after game works properly Stay vague on patch/update/release dates because if those wont hold on, players get disappointed Make small tutorial at the start Profanity filter on chat Make hud to show Game launch speed Pros: weapon models are well done Game mechanics work DISCLAIMER This list is not meant to mock devs or community, its just what i SUGGEST that could be added.