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    Modifying .json files?

    So is this a problem for a custom server to modify .json files....I hope it's not since looking at server scripts, it would be easy to add League configs to the built in server configs and just execute them...rather than actually adding a mod to the server which people have to download... My hope is that League configs can be posted Here at Battalion1944 and they simply get added as standards....to be easily selected for servers, menu options for those said configs, and well, a built-IN recording option so League play will be Fair... no 3rd party recordings that can be manipulated before submission...That along with the in-game voip should prove that this game is "THE" competitive fps pc game of 2018... I understand that people might say, what about twitch or streaming to youtube...that can be implemented through menu scripting...I hope to hear from any DEVS so I can go in more detail about things... PS: I have high hopes for this game and so far I feel satisfied by the course of the Development Team...and on a side note, if the game menu says rifles 24/7, it should have been built in already, therefore, no one would need to modify things...