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  1. KevinES

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    yeah. tell me something new. i also stopped playing this weak, because i want the new update first. Btw how can a game be dead, when it was never really alive/didnt get the full release with advertising, management, esl tournaments etc. Most players left because of issues that got solved or are solved, tbh it was too late. and there are problems for new players like the big topic "arcade". Tbh die Respawn time is fucked up also the fact that you cannot choose between the mods. A big amount of players stopped because of this. But as i said. Devs want to fix the big problems - that is why we bought the game and help them here. Fucking genius. They never published that game with the thinking "okay lets head for a great ESL game and become popular in early access". They wanted feedback, bug reports, new ideas and of course needed the money to go on. We will see what they will do with this chance.
  2. KevinES

    When is the next update coming ?

    info please <3 and what will be changed...
  3. KevinES

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    use your brain ? devs didn't want the game to get famous yet. When the release comes it is all about promo and management.. we will see then if it is gonna be top or flop. Right now there are no big steamers and tbh.. thats good. So nobody will buy an unfinished game and be mad about it just like you. And right now i am totally behind it. Of course i see many problems but nothing that can't be fixed and it will be fixed mostly. Devs did big statements, u didnt't read them huh ? They only went in early access to get more feedback from a much higher player base (10-15 players went up to 16k, check steam charts) and of course because they needed more cash, the studio was empty... no cash = no game. So by now they have a lot of work to do.. bug reports, game changes, balances, fixes and we will see how they gonna deal with it.. if they screw it up or design the game we are all looking for. Texting "dead game" in the forum kinda shows that you are pretty mad. For what reason ? An unfinished game ? Players that always destroy you in comp. ? :'))
  4. right now we have this problem: when you shoot the sniper (axis and allies) and reload (but you forgot to press right mouse again) you can't walk in normal speed. you are caught in the movement speed that you have when walking with aimed scope. Somehow it bugs with the automatic rescope after the reload i guess. sure.. this was more something like a bug report tbh, but that gave me this idea: make it possible to turn off the automatic rescope after reload. Even after every shot it would be great when the gun not automatically rescopes (when you forget to press right mouse again). further on a function to always stay in scoped vision would be nice. of course it should both be able to turn on/off in the settings or maybe even bind it
  5. i just noticed in arcade that you cannot shoot directly after a full sprint.. there is like a cooldown about 0,2-0,3 seconds between letting go of the sprint button and actually being able to shoot. Normally i would not really care about, but since battalion is very dynamic and fast in its gameplay and mechanic you should think of reducing the cooldown or take it out completely
  6. KevinES

    Still have same guns with you when you still alive

    people already asked for, but it would fuck up the hole card system. in unranked its okay, but in competitive not at all. The team itself has to decide who plays scope and who not.. and in most games you need only 1 sniper btw i heard/read that the actually system with the cards (especially only 3 scopes in ranked) is only transitionally. Just wait for it
  7. KevinES

    Gun Balance fix please

    only works against bots. a good player just baits the first shot or jump shots and you are literally fucked if you miss the shot. Seems fair to me. It's about movement and game sense my friend. We don't need nerfs, we need buffs for allies
  8. please make a separate search in arcade. separate TDM from CTF/dominion (in other words separate shooting from tactical gaming) 1. search) TDM/FFA (you can run 2-3 TDM than 1 FFA .. and again) 2. search) dominion and capture the flag The thing behind is: i can decide by myself what i want to play. so i can choose if i want to play TDM/FFA for warm up or actually arcade that runs dominion and ctf... Right now it's totally random. Especially in mid night when there are only a few player its fucked up to play games like CTF.. in worst case i have to play that on big maps like invasion in a 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 1. Maybe make it possible to vote ingame for smaler maps like liberation and coastal or in general for a direct change to the next game/mode.
  9. KevinES

    reduce respawn time in arcade

    reduce respawn time ffs! .... i already posted this weeks ago. The respawn time should be disbabled in TDM, FFA and dominon. Or atleast reduce it to 1-2 seconds. CTF... it's ok there. 5 Seconds is far too long. Really. When i am getting spawntrapped on coastal (dominion) in allies spawn it's more like waiting for another respawn than playing this game. You Guys wonder why the number of players goes down ? this is one of the reasons. A bad player won't have fun even in arcade.. since he has to wait more for respawn than he actually can play.
  10. Hey Guys, i kind of like the map, but you need to do something at the manorhouse/around the manorhouse, rest is ok. The map should be built a little bit more open since it's for arcade. And please fix the lightning! It's actually cancer. >FIX THE LIGHTNING PLEASE< it is so dark. Another idea: Instead of putting more and more work into this map take it out of the map pool at all.. maybe just use a part of the new manorhouse v2 and cut off the way "a long". The map is compact, reworked, most players are used to it and taking away the "a long" part makes it perfect for arcade. You wouldn't waste more time and the map is good to go. Btw it's irritating for new players since there are like 2-4 versions (if you count server lists). Make a final conclusion. I hate seeing all these manorhouse versions. Every game and every patch another one..."reworked"
  11. KevinES

    Teamchange in arcade and unranked not possible

    pressing "m" doesn't work teamchange not possible at all
  12. KevinES

    Gun Balance fix please

    bar hipfire is even worse meanwhile thompson and mp44 are almost playable with spray only
  13. KevinES


    because the player base is to small and misses bad playsers/common players. There often is a huge gab between the skills. Why should i play against top tiers everyday.. meanwhile my team is afk and shi.... ?! the players don't come back because the selection in non-competitive is very small. you can't choose what game you want to play in arcade and unraked is not playable with randoms. in short: normal player stop playing because -they often play against top tiers -...often play with bad players -no good communication because the VC does not work properly -too little player numbers and mods for "not-competitive" to fix this: we need free choosable ffa, tdm and wartide. in top of that arcade server only runs CTF and dominion wartide has to get faster in the unranked base.. maybe small maps or splitted maps.. like you can only go on A or B with less player The game must be more entertaining for bad/common players. Often they play solo-q and it is just boring when you have to play with bad players, no communication etc