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  1. KevinES

    Are you gonna add more models / uniforms?

    yeah. tell me something new. i also stopped playing this weak, because i want the new update first. Btw how can a game be dead, when it was never really alive/didnt get the full release with advertising, management, esl tournaments etc. Most players left because of issues that got solved or are solved, tbh it was too late. and there are problems for new players like the big topic "arcade". Tbh die Respawn time is fucked up also the fact that you cannot choose between the mods. A big amount of players stopped because of this. But as i said. Devs want to fix the big problems - that is why we bought the game and help them here. Fucking genius. They never published that game with the thinking "okay lets head for a great ESL game and become popular in early access". They wanted feedback, bug reports, new ideas and of course needed the money to go on. We will see what they will do with this chance.
  2. KevinES

    When is the next update coming ?

    info please <3 and what will be changed...