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  1. Trust me im not lying lol. It sucks how am I suppose to admin a server if I cant spectate ?
  2. Jibstah


    Yep keep getting excited each update thinking they are going to fix the issue but they never do.Now they have added a new bug cant spectate in the server anymore get kicked out for being afk.Wont be renting a server much longer that's for damn sure.Every time my server fills up it crashes too.
  3. Jibstah


    Dedicated servers still crashing every few maps with the latest update.Been like this since the beginning its impossible to run a community server like this.
  4. Still crashing after all the latest updates after a couple maps everytime.I wont be renting a server for much longer that's for sure.
  5. All set server company made a mistake can delete this topic if possible I cant.
  6. Exactly its kicking specators now though need a fix for that bad.
  7. Shouldn't kick you if youre spectating.Only if youre playing.
  8. Anyone else having this issue after the latest update ? My dedicated server in united states new york city will not show on the community server list now.Seems to be running good but cant get public now because of this bug.Thanks for the help
  9. Jibstah

    Server crashes a host problem?

    Not a host problem at all.Ive rented from a couple places now and they all have the same issue.Multiplay was worse than Gameservers and that's for sure.Both crashed with a load on the server though and still do.It is a Linux server software issue that they need to fix as they made the dedicated software for the servers.Its on them 100% and im still renting and waiting for a fix but its getting old at this point.
  10. Linux server still crashing after many server updates. Very frustrating to keep filling the server up with people to only have it emptied after a server crash a few maps later.This issue has been around too long now.Making it impossible to run a stable dedicated Linux server.
  11. Same issue ive rented from multiplay and gameservers both crash often after 3 to 5 maps.Can not run a stable server from either place right now.This should be top priority if they want a community to stay together.If they wait much longer and just focus on the client they will lose all people paying for a server and there wont be a community left.Not fun making a monthly payment for nothing.
  12. Jibstah

    Need a server provider with ftp access

    Im up to date now with 10849 and with Gamerservers now.Doesnt matter though my server crashes every 4 or 5 maps or so consistently.They need to update the Linux server files and that's that.It is not a user issue at this point anymore.
  13. Jibstah

    Need a server provider with ftp access

    I have a multiplay server also they suck.Ive had problems from the first day with them.Still cant play in my server it now has the lost connection to host issue every game.They just keep giving me the run around.I used to use gameservers back in the day they were always great to deal with.I just read at multiplay that you have 5 days of trial so im on the 3rd or so now and im getting a refund on the 5th day if issues continue which I know it will.I will then bring my business back to Gameservers.
  14. Could some one please post me a map rotation that is working with all maps included the tool for map rotations does not seem to be working in the multiplay server editing tool.The tool to set map rotations in multiplay servers does not seem to be working properly.Could someone please lead me in the right direction to getting a proper map rotation working in one of these servers.I got everything else working fine but not this can only play one map now.Thank you kindly.