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  1. You're right, they have to work on other things such as bugs, servers, performance and etc. Sooner or later they will have to make some UI changes and till then - there will be bunch of cool visual ideas for them to use The dude at the right is just a mockup. He doesn't need to appear in-game There are no 3D battalion models over the internet and it's kinda hard to find something decent right now so I've played around with some battalion / ww2 soldiers pictures. Thanks, mate. I appreciate that a lot
  2. Thank you, guys! I really appreciate that! ** There is an update on the front page of the post **
  3. Thanks for your time and for this comment mate. Are you able to open Sketch app files ?
  4. awwwwwwwwwaaa didn't notice that thank you guys !!
  5. Thank you, guys! I'll keep on posting stuff like this in future
  6. thank you all guys! It's great to see such comments. it motivates me to keep on going
  7. The devs are more than welcome to use any of my ideas according to Battalion 1944 Thanks thank you mate