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  1. So i am from Ccrimea. Can i play this game now? Because on the launch i coulnd't. I had to do refund. The game was using google authorization server and it was not available in some regions because of sanctions. Did they changed it?
  2. Immolate

    Inactive game modes

    Да, я тоже из Крыма. Их сервера куплены у гугл, а гугл это санкции. Поэтому ни крымчане ни иранцы не могут поиграть в эту игру. Только с впном.
  3. Immolate

    Is battalion 1944 banned for restricted regions?

    Nope, i am using gmail and google.com as my search service but i did experience some problems with google play
  4. Same problem. I am from Crimea. Seems like devs intentionally blocked restricted regions, but WHY? Don't tell me about sanctions, i can play any other games which were made by big publishers.
  5. Hello, i am from Crimea and i can't play your game. I just dont have an option to do anything but training and open lootboxes. Servers are not available for me unless i use VPN. But the ping with VPN is bad and it costs money. So is it intentional and i must do refund or is it a bug? If it is intentional tell me why? I can play any other game from big companies like Blizzard/Activision/EA but can't play Battalion 1944, really?