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    Dedicated server problem

    It works perfect
  2. I'm not sure, but I think you can not
  3. Xtrimesom

    Dedicated server problem

    In the game configuration: Query Monitoring > Slots detection > Enable slot detection (off)
  4. Xtrimesom

    Dedicated server problem

    Did you deactivate player detection? from TCAdmin And also the detection of the "Brand"
  5. Xtrimesom

    Dedicated server problem

    Where does that error appear?
  6. Hi, You have to edit the slots in the section [/Script/ShooterGame.TDMGameMode] and in the parameter MaxPlayersPerTeam = If you assign 12 slots from TCadmin, there are two teams of 12 slots each, so the panel detects that you are passing the slots. Place the command: "$ ipy <% = ThisService.Slots / 2; %>" in the config to solve this problem
  7. Xtrimesom

    Bt44 linux tcadmin config file xml

    Hi, I create a config for Linux, I hope it helps you Battalion1944 - Linux.xml
  8. Xtrimesom

    Dedicated server problem

    Hi, Do you have the config to check it? I create a config for Linux, I hope it helps you Battalion1944 - Linux.xml
  9. Xtrimesom

    Dedicated server problem

    Currently I make the changes of slots from the configuration file. The game does not detect if I place the slots on the command line.
  10. Hi, I also have the servers running with TCAdmin and I have no problems. The only thing is that it does not show the players connected.
  11. Xtrimesom

    Dedicated server problem

    I do not detect connection query and there is no option to change the slots
  12. Hi, I'm trying to set up a battalion server in TCAdmin, but I have some problems -What is the Query protocol -Is the command line correct? -The console is available? -Where can I change the server region? Thanks and i hope you can help me!