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  1. Looking for 5 Players will supply practice server branding and funding/entry into leagues and tournaments must be willing to grind and learn callouts for all maps, English speaking is A Must. Must be from EU. To get in contact message me on twitter @RooanUK
  2. About me About me Hello my name is Roan, I'm 15 from the UK I'm an avid esports enthusiast with a plethora of experience in the eSport scene currently owning my own organisation and also being a Semi-Professional CSGO Player for the last 3 Years competing in a variety of league's tournaments and LAN events, im currently open and am looking to Join A team participating in @ThePlaysGG league. I'm also looking to join a team with an organisation already set up to solidify our professional standing, I'm looking to get top 10 Worldwide teams by the end of 2018. [ Only Serious Inquires] Past Experience 2X LAN Over 15 Leagues and tournaments in CSGO, ESEA CEVO and LAN Owner of the Succesful and newly established organisation. If you want to contact me reply below, and or DM me on twitter @RooanUK, or email me at roan@thehuntesports.co.uk Willing to travel