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  1. OTT Jumping

    I stand corrected on the playerbase of Quake, and happy to be - I never saw it as teenager. At LANs we played but not online, but that was close to 1999 - 2000. Interesting on the modems but your right on the pings - however I did see a dive in the quality of NTL cable in 2005 as their assets were badly maintained. Download speeds were great but pings often were sky high making gaming online unplayable
  2. OTT Jumping

    Connard - lets break your response down Worldwide does not necessarily mean every single country but it is figuratively speaking. In 2000s most of the 1st and 2nd world countries had DSL (ADSL form over POTS or ISDN). Don't forget the world series in baseball refers to the US so this can be distorted. I can tell you now that countries with issues have ways to get out to the masses and circumvent the security CS did start as a mod - I played it. And then Valve bought it and made it into a game which then took off In the United States, Call of Duty sold 790,000 copies, indicating sales of at least 100,000 copies in the United Kingdom, The game sold 4.5 million copies worldwide by 2013. Call of Duty 2 was the most popular launch title on the Xbox 360, with 200,000 units sold in its first week of availability.[45] 77% of people who purchased an Xbox 360 also purchased the game, which contributed to its high sales.[46] As of July 2006, 1.4 million copies of the game had been sold on the Xbox 360.[47] By January 2008, the game had sold 2 million copies.[48] By November 2013, the game had sold 5.9 million copies not very many I agree lmao The reason why they have so many people on the games now is because internet speeds are faster and cheaper than they were back then. It was expensive to have a DSL connection, and now in this decade it is all about connectability with mobiles etc and streamers so people love being online to stream content Don't forget consoles went online which they started to at the back end of the 2000s but are now prominent. So yes they will have a bigger player base In years to come there will be even more due to the reach of the net to more people, fall in cost of computers etc - simple economics with a growth in the human population....
  3. OTT Jumping

    In comparison to their single player community whom used computer magazines etc it was not a "huge" community only 10,000 at its peak So it didn't last that long as it died a death due to other titles coming out
  4. Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    It wont change as some will be pleased to here- please see below a recent post on Discord
  5. OTT Jumping

    Some will be happy at the below and others will be disappointed. Here is the words of the DEVS on their Discord channel ...Message Inbound... Host: Gen. @BRAMMERTRON Operation: BUGSTOMPER Status: Pending Target: Tonight. GMT. Required: The 44th Battalion Details: - Update to go live sometime tonight, GMT. - Competitive is here, all ranks accounted for. - If you crash/restart - you can reconnect - XP/HUD-display issue: should be fixed. - If u d/connect in Competitive, you will be banned. - Over 30 crash scenarios fixed!! - In-game VOIP still being adjusted/improved. Coming later/In-Progress: - Big March Update (and a new map!) - First LAN Announcement coming next week. So soldiers, pack ur kits. Wall-bang, jump-shot, drop-shot and pirouette ur way to fragilicious glory - Tonight. And every night. At ease, soldiers. Back in those times in the 90's there was no multiplayer.... A clear difference between single player and multiplayer. Ever played with a 250-400 ping without lag compensation? Obviously not..... Titles like Doom and Quake were single player games like Duke Nukem. Anyways Turkeys don't vote for Christmas
  6. OTT Jumping

    A community around it? For the single player cheats... not multiplayer... I remember it well, the times my father told me to get off the internet for being on there for 15 mins as it was so expensive with the 56k modem (most people have no idea how that was). 1993 was when the world wide web started and more was contained within the computer magazines (which was where the community was) than online. Sorry bud but that was my teens and I remember it vividly yes I talked about timescales as to show how far apart they were and not as old as CoD1 or two, as they are over ten years pushing 15 years. Genre is subjective but not when you compare apples with pears. CoD4 is Modern Warfare - based on the wars of today. CoD 1 & 2 is WW2 hence they are different genres also play differently Like I said - in CoD 4 if you were a rank 50 you would kick a rank 1 persons butt as their weapon was not as powerful nor had the perks. There is no level playing or skill to that. This was the stock game, Promod came along later, and so it is not a classic of the era, as it was the beginning of the console era and ranking up. The argument over PC and Console is another thing which to be honest should be left alone.
  7. Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    Can we do a poll on steam? I'm not sure if we can Even if we could, how could we get an opinion poll with all the people whom have left the game or refunded. I think the reviews on steam may speak for those whom have left or refunded the game. However once someone has voted with their feet then I find it hard to see them coming back to do a poll on a game they couldn't really care about main because they have left it behind However I believe that this community can be the wind of change, we can talk things out to reach the best medium for all and we should help the DEVS to shape this game into a fantastic classic fps. Both for the casual and competitive players alike
  8. OTT Jumping

    Well the net back then was not good enough to have a game - pings would have been too high Your sarcasm is lost here, It is not necessarily the timescales we are talking about but the genre. 10 years for some is "old school" but for others this is not. The hypothesis is not wobbly, infact it is quite accurate. 1st premise is I am assessing it stock game against stock game. Promod came later after the casual player base was significant. However the "old school" games never had rankings. We made our own stats webpage showing all the stats per weapon, and gametype etc, but there was no benefit or ranking. Promod suggests to me it is a mod, and I don't know if infinity ward made this and it wasn't launched with the game. So it stands on firm foundations Again Quake 3 was launched in 1999 Unreal Tournament was released in 1999 2nd Premise is that ADSL didn't really start being released in the UK until 2000+ so multiplayer gaming certainly was too difficult to do with a very high ping. CoD WW2 is not CoD1 or CoD2 - it is far from the infinity ward of 2003 and 2005. I am sorry but most gamers of that era, which I was, would agree with me. CoD WW2 has loot boxes etc and CoD1 or 2 had none of this. I could go on and on about the differences but I don't think I will be able to convince you that they are two separate entities, Sledgehammer made CoD WW2 and Infinity Ward made CoD 1 and 2 as well as the CoD 4
  9. OTT Jumping

    There is so many references to "old school fps" - I am sorry but CoD4 is not old school as you had the gimmick of ranking up. I remember it well that newer players fell foul of the better weapons of higher ranked players and not their skill. I had a top 10 CoD4 community server with IronFi$t. CoD1, MoHAA CS, DoD and CoD2 are the golden age of old school fps. See below on the dates of first launch to demonstrate my point CoD 4 - 2007 CoD 1- 2003 CoD 2 - 2005 MoHAA - 2002 CS -- 1999 Below is a quote from the video This needs to be followed through and I am sure the Devs will. I agree with the DEVS on the nostalgia and remember them well as that was my university years from CS. They make reference to CoD WW2 which was nothing compared to and is nothing like CoD1 or CoD2. They pay homage to infinity ward because they knew how to make a classic game
  10. OTT Jumping

    Lets just vote on the issue and see where it comes out at
  11. Battalion 1944 Vote on Gameplay

    Updated to allow multiple votes
  12. OTT Jumping

    but pushing people away because they have a differing opinion doesn't solve anything. I was told it was a mixture of games etc like CoD2, 4 and so forth. It also plays like Quake which was release when I was at university along with CS 1.2. Games change - like RO2. In 2011 that was released, and CoD1 people came back along with CoD2. The minority complained, and they changed the gameplay to be ultra realistic as the community on the forums didn't like the style. With a stats reset and the change, it killed the playerbase, and as such it is pretty much a ghost town. This can happen to any game, most people don't vote with their mouth, but their feet, a refund under the digital consumers rights act 2015, or just delete it off their computer. So it can be deleterious to the player base and may never recover.
  13. In an aid to stop the raging and anger on the forums, to help the devs see the numbers to give transparency on the community's opinion Please could people vote on the poll
  14. OTT Jumping

    That is not very constructive or conducive to the issues many are bringing up, in fact a lot of ex CoD2/CoD1 people threw their money into it under the kickstarter backers for the initial concept, so I know people are entitled to their opinion. As for the skills and game sense to adapt it - I certainly don't have the skills, nor the time, hence why we put money into some who can, as with my PC. I leave it to the experts. Aggression is not best suited to the forums, rather constructive debate and engagement. We all have to help the developers mould it into two games A good casual game for all on the servers to attract the player base A different code for competitive play to push the players to the limit I can only give opinions, doesn't reflect anyone else apart from me But as a community we have to come to a common agreement on the way forward as I want this game to succeed
  15. OTT Jumping

    One releases an interesting and fun game. For me this was CoD1 and lots of people played it. Then I started to go on to Clan servers with interesting mods such as PRM (Pools Realism Mod). That was great as it set a precedence when playing competitive such as cooking a nade. You knew the timer and you also heard the pin go "ping" if so had time to move out of the room via a window, but that was only heard in the proximity. The game was very competitive and it was so much fun. I played many hours with a lot of people. I don't want to lose interest in Battalion hence why I am putting some constructive thinking forward. What we have to accept is that everyone views this from their game and no one elses. But there are common themes to the casual which I feel must be addressed. I found it amusing I was called a n00b the other night when I was having fun with the sniper. Only one using it apparently, but I switched to MP44 after much trawling only to massacre the opposition to 3-0 in CTF. I think the DEVs are reading this and the ball is in their court I don't play jumping shots not because I cant but because I don't feel it adds to the game. I wish there was more HP as a friend and I (ex CoD1) held a staircase all match which allowed us to dominate the map