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  1. Guys am I the only one who is always joining to late games and to the loser team? I see this behavior for a couple of days but today was the best. I joined to a match with 13-0 and game ended in 10 secs.
  2. Gabor Marton

    Fastest way to gain XP?

    Hey, what is the fastest way to gain XP? I would like to reach lvl 10 as soon as poosible.
  3. Gabor Marton

    Active players decreased by 50%

    My problem with this game: - its so dark, it doesn't have a good feeling while playin on those maps. - The other thing that I only like 1 map of all the released maps. Old cod UO/2 maps should be implemented. - Take 2 mins to launch the game. - Takes 1+ min to load the map (Loading is faster in Battlefield 1...) and I often I get "connection lost to the host" error.
  4. Hey guys, I think the game graphic is too greyish, gloomy, rainy. Left and right below corners especially much more darker than the middle of the screen. Is there any possibility in the settings to disable it? Its such a good game, please make it more bright and sunny
  5. Gabor Marton

    Game Freezes then Crashes

    Same here