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    It is to many times that there are games starting 3v5. Why? 8/2 = 4
  2. BornFromPain

    Rifle Only Cod 1 Server

    Ah that is also an option, didn't thought of that one Thx
  3. BornFromPain

    Rifle Only Cod 1 Server

    Yeah, I know, it tries to connect but then it shoots me back to main screen. I'll try it again later.
  4. BornFromPain

    Rifle Only Cod 1 Server

    Sorry for the noob question but how do you connect to a random IP? I find this: https://billing.low.ms/knowledgebase/42/How-to-join-Battalion-1944-servers-directly-or-via-IP-address.html But i cannot open the thing to type in... Found it, had to change it in setting... Can't connect to it. Is it online?
  5. BornFromPain

    Active players decreased by 50%

    +1 from me. That is why I don't play it anymore. Or ragequit after 5 minutes and ask myself why I started the game up in the first place.
  6. BornFromPain

    (POLL) Stamina in Battalion 1944

    Links don't work for me.
  7. BornFromPain

    what do i think about the game so far ?

    But never the less is the jumping and shooting to easy and not fun.
  8. BornFromPain

    Personal Ideas and Imporvments

    And pls 3 minutes per round. Now its like rush rush rush, jump jump jump;
  9. BornFromPain

    Personal Ideas and Imporvments

    I gonna add a few things so I don't need to make a new topic. -> autobalancing teams. I played to much 3v5. -> vote for maps change -> I don't like the plates system either. I wanno shoot the rifle I like, not what i have to shoot with cause my team (or myself) is crap and have no more plates.
  10. BornFromPain

    Unranked playable?

    Is it already possible to play unranked? It is searching but...
  11. "When life gives you lemons."
  12. BornFromPain

    Stucked at "Match Ready, allocating server"

    Can't connect to random internet servers either... Hopefully tomorrow then...
  13. Hello, If you remember one of the tags in the topic title, pls send me a PM. I am looking for the good old days. People from bloodaxe clan. Or from TeamFlemishGunners. My name BornFromPain and played Rifle only on COD1 and COD 2 a lot. (since xfire is down for a while i came here looking)
  14. BornFromPain

    Stucked at "Match Ready, allocating server"

    #metoo (maybe server overload) Issues the last game I played also had big time, Rainbow Six Siege.