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  1. Earz

    Frustrating map limits

    Yeah that does sound odd...
  2. Earz

    Grenade features

    They were taken out in most competitive mods in CoD4. Cooked grenades just mean that you can hold it throw it through a window get a kill with very little skill applied, cooked nades were not in CoD2 competitive either. The Devs will not add them to this game. I'm 100% sure of that. As for mounted MGs these were also removed from the comp mods I played in CoD2 (PAM). What I'm trying to say is that these 'suggestions' of yours have all been tried before and removed because they don't work for a skill based game.
  3. Earz

    Colored Names / Tags

    I would certainly like to see more colours again! Maybe it's the nostalgia but I'm firmly in the yes camp.
  4. Earz

    Planting Reward

    They are going to be adding a monetary system I heard on the Tournament steam on Sat. Pretty sure it will include some of the suggestions such as rewards for Kills, Plants, defusing etc. If some one has more info though that would be great!
  5. Earz

    Frustrating map limits

    You have to think of it as designed that way to make sure the map stays competitive. The sandbags are just for show. Like instead of boring boxes or flat walls. It's hard to make it so the map looks acceptable/themed but also remains simple enough that it works on a competitive level. That's why the devs block things off like that, also they can be hard to clip so that player models don't keep getting stuck. That would annoy even more I'm sure.
  6. Earz

    Team Selection

    Think you can just press M and switch sides if the teams are uneven. Am I wrong? Sure I've done this myself. Auto balance and side rotation/halfway point is maybe what's needed more.
  7. Earz

    Grenade features

    You do realise that cooked grenades were removed from competitive play for good reasons don't you? Mounted guns? Hardcore mode? In a competitive skill based shooter? Have you gone mad my man? All of the above can be good for a laugh though, I'm sure mods and community servers will cater for your needs very soon, but none of these have any such place in the competitive side of the game I feel.
  8. Earz

    Game's Dead guys..

    Sorry just to clarify...wine...not beer?
  9. Earz

    Game's Dead guys..

    I'm guessing we are still on the settling down period after the initial surge, as each daily peak has been lower and lower so far... only thing is that needs to stop soon. Fingers crossed.
  10. You're missing the disadvantages of the shotgun compared to the smg. If you miss you'll loose the fight.
  11. I like the way this is described on Wikipedia: "Bunny hopping is a term used for different kinds of movement in games. There are two major usages of the term: In any first person shooter with jumping a player who jumps up and down to avoid being shot is sometimes called a bunny hopper. This is a very basic technique that only works against inexperienced opponents." Evolve and adapt or don't play this game. That's part of the idea of a skill based shooter. Shame some people were raised on Air strikes and Perks, now that's cheap if you ask me.
  12. Earz

    OTT Jumping

    I'm sure this has been said many times, but this is not CoD 2 or CoD4 or any other CoD for that matter. It's Battalion. Jumping/shooting/movement/accuracy have all been implemented with a view to creating a competitive shooter. I get the impression people are getting their pants in a twist because they are getting bested in a way they are not used to? Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm looking at it as I'll need to put in quite a few hours before I can truly make any judgement on what needs to be tweaked. For now my advice would be to try and learn the current mechanics as they are.
  13. Earz

    headshot idea

    If I'm not mistaken there is already a sound cue, it's just quiet.
  14. Earz

    Scope Sway NEEDED!!!!

    You need to learn to bait out the shot then get him while he's rebolting. Don't just dry peak snipers. Don't keep trying to out skill everyone, out think/play them. Sway is not needed and breath holding is just tedious, if you were scoped for that long you ran out of breath in Cod2 you were most likely doing it wrong.
  15. Earz

    Lets discuss key binds

    OK so I fond it works if you edit the config file manually. Guess that will work for now!!