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  1. sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Leaning is key in high skilled matches, its rly strong
  2. How do you guys use the scope ?

    There is a setting you need to enable or disable so you have the same sens
  3. OTT Jumping

    i agree that not everyone is or will be good in this game, and YES the Casual players are those who make a game big. I watched 4min of the video and the guy was complayning how often he dies in this "shit" game, not that the game has issues, IMHO he was just hating and not being neutral
  4. OTT Jumping

    This video is made by a very bad player who does not even know the maps from what i saw. His aiming is pretty much non existent and he moves like a bot. No wonder he got rekt by better players.
  5. competitiv

    they said 8th also
  6. competitiv

  7. Game's Dead guys..

    that sound to me like you already gave up.
  8. Game's Dead guys..

    For most of the players there is also nothing to do, arcade is boring and unranked is a joke
  9. rework linesystem on manorhouse v1/2

    Still hes right doe, v2 is to big for wartide, imo we shoukd play the v1 in wartide
  10. IMO shotguns are tactical and good for holding small areas and houses, it gives you a chance against an smg in those situations
  11. I would say lets wait for the face headshot update and see if you get more headshots
  12. Cannot lvl up

    Its an UI bug, so cant see the lvl up but you exp is safed on their server, they gonna fix it soon
  13. Released! But....

    same question here