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  1. Archit3kt

    Games not yet dead guys.. Let's talk about it!

    Posted 7 hours ago (edited) Adze is an interesting fellow. Thanks for linking me to current players, it was 1,100 last night so we're pleased It sucks we went down from day one of 19,000 but we were never expecting that many. Now we now there is a clear place on Steam for Battalion, we just need to fix the issues. Thanks for spending your time updating us on the stats, we appreciate you putting in that work. We're really busy here so it's good that someone can do that for us. And thanks for the 134 hours / 5 days of your entire life you spent playing our 'ded gome' we appreciate your support and sorry you feel negatively about the game. Cheers for feedback all! Joe Edited 7 hours ago by [DEV] BRAMMERTRON @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON don't listen to the haters. Your time is better spent on more important things. We are all here because we are into this game. The player count is alarming for us though because we don't want to lose something that we care about. Frustrations are high I'm sure on both ends but we just hope you have something up your sleeve to increase interest in the game!
  2. Archit3kt

    game mode poll

    At this point, its hard to argue with that...
  3. Archit3kt

    game mode poll

    yeah...I should have made both questions into one I suppose. I thought it was at least a good conversation starter!
  4. Archit3kt

    forum hacked?

    Seems to be quite a bit of spam...not sure if mods are aware
  5. Archit3kt

    game mode poll

    as above: I'm mostly curious if others experience long wait times while queing for competitive and/or casual? Is this as a result of player pool? Or is this a specific problem with my connection/settings?
  6. Archit3kt

    Game's Dead guys..

    CoD 1 and 2 had numerous post release content updates. The major difference is that the game was never released with major bugs that would turn players off. I literally cannot find a game in matchmaking due to low player count, and I can't see the pings in community servers. I will probably come back to this game at some point, but the devs have some serious work to do.
  7. Archit3kt

    Game's Dead guys..

    Could not find a match today. After about 10 minutes of searching, I had seen enough. GG
  8. Archit3kt

    Fix or remove the shotgun, simple as that.

    You can't guard 2 bombsites with one shotgun. As you rotate to another location you will inevitably find yourself vulnerable at some point.
  9. Archit3kt


    you complain about your character's footsteps and ask for perks to be added to mask your clumsiness. I don't need to see you play. Welcome to the forum!
  10. Archit3kt


    Really? I'm going to go ahead and say maybe you should learn to control your character, instead of relying on in game perks to get you by.
  11. Archit3kt

    Sprinting needs to be removed

    Sprint has its place. I get it. But the sprint jump to peak corners has to be nerfed. I don't think this mechanic has any place in a competitive shooter.
  12. Archit3kt

    Fix or remove the shotgun, simple as that.

    I disagree, there is an art to shotgunning. It is available for purchase is CSGO, so I'm not sure what you mean that it is "not implemented for a reason". If you dont like it, keep your distance!
  13. Archit3kt

    Rifleman balancing

    Thats good, but when are you going to need to take down 4 in a very short period of time when its 5v5 in ranked?
  14. I think general game stability and basic game functionality needs to be priority over stable community servers. I would honestly say lets hold off on community servers until the game is at least stable. You are spending money on a server for a game that is in early access. Let that sink in. I agree that community servers are going to be what sets this game apart from other competitive shooters but I just feel like your money could be saved at this point until the game is fairly reliable.
  15. Keep up the good work man!