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    CTF XP

    So I was just messing around in arcade the other day when i noticed that the losing team of CTF match seemed to consistently get higher XP than the team that won.. Even as far as the last guy on the losing team had more XP than the top lad of the wining team. So i'm wondering if this is intentional (i think i can rule that one out for myself) or if it's just a little bug Cheers fellas OliKills
  2. OliKills

    XP issues persists

    After a few games this morning and last night, the XP is working better, but you seem to have to quit the game and check if you have a War Chest or not to see if you've leveled up, next test would be to count it manually, and not just guesstimate. Cheers.
  3. OliKills

    XP issues persists

    Hey there guys, right, so I've read what you were saying about how the XP we earn through games is safely stored on your servers and that it's just a misrepresentation on our side and what not, but I'm starting to think that something's wrong with the XP counting system. When you're stuck on lvl 8 after 5 or 6 games in a row where you see the XP you've just earned disappear every time even after a game restart.. So my question is, will we ever see the XP that was earned but not granted some day or another during this early access or will it be lost forever in some kind of black XP abyss haha. Anyway great job on the game guys, it's running to a tee on my end and I see a very bright future for this game, competitive wise and just pure fun factor! And please keep the same level of comms you have now! It's a great trait for a dev team! Don't forget it! OliKills
  4. Wow Ocean wisdom drops hard! Never knew about the guy, cheers.
  5. OliKills

    Cloud 9 vs Faze

    Yeah what a comeback! One of the best Esports final tbh