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  1. Search is completed, thank you guys.
  2. Hello guys, our team is looking for two more german speaking players. We would like to participate in future Tournaments and Leagues and are also open for LAN Tournaments. Our team consists of Three (and One reserve) Player who know each others from the real world. We didn´t fill in the Roles yet but two of us are already some kind of alround player. We want to invest many hours in to the game to get good and be a threat to others. So we are currently looking for People who can fit in our group and you should have at least some of the following perks: - reached adulthood (Mentally and Physically) - willing to play to learn and become better - willing to spend time to train and play tournaments, leagues and LAN tournaments - actively use of Teamspeak 3 (we got a Server) - speak freely and be open minded. and furthermore, have fun while playing, even in bad times. How do you contact us? You can contact me via Steam -> http://steamcommunity.com/id/PalmeX/ or just message me here on this board.